25 Popular Types Of Bread You Should Know

From white bread to whole wheat bread, there are many different types of bread available. And each type is unique in its composition, nutritional value, benefits, and uses.

So, if you ever wondered why some people prefer some types of bread to others, this is why. Not every bread is the same. For instance, bread for wraps is not the same for toast and sandwiches.

In addition, not all types of bread are safe for people with diabetes and celiac disease. Perhaps you are not so sure if you’re buying the right bread and if it’s what your recipe requires.

Read this article to see a list of different types of bread. It will help you make a choice when next you’re in the bread aisle at the store.

What is bread?

Bread is probably the one thing you can find in almost every home and grocery store. But, for a concrete definition, bread is a baked food staple made from flour, water, and sometimes yeast.

Bread goes through a process of kneading and sometimes fermentation before it becomes that comfort food you can’t get over. Furthermore, it comes in varieties that differ by ingredients and purpose.

Additionally, bread is more common in Western culture but other continents also make and eat different types of bread.

What are the different types of bread?

There are so many types of bread from different parts of the world. But this list contains the most common types that you often need.

This list will help you identify a type of bread when you see it. You’ll also get to know the purpose each type serves.

1. White bread

white bread - millenora

White bread is made with refined wheat flour and has less fiber than whole-grain bread. While it is not a nutritionally dense bread, it is still a better option for people with GI conditions.

Avoid white bread if you are gluten intolerant. But if you can eat wheat but don’t eat white bread every day, it’s okay to use it for your breakfast sandwich or a casserole dish.

2. Wheat bread

wheat bread - millenora

Whole wheat bread is 100% wheat, high in fiber, and more nutritious than white bread. It is also low in carbohydrates & calories but has more protein than white bread.

Just like white bread, it is not safe for gluten intolerance. But, if you don’t suffer from this, turn those slices of wheat bread into sandwiches, toasts, bruschettas, pasta toppings, and crust for chicken & fish.

3. English muffin bread

english muffin - millenora

You’d be surprised that English muffin bread is more of a thing in America than it is in Britain. Well, it didn’t start in Britain. English muffins are small, round bread with craggy interiors and brown exteriors.

Enjoy this breakfast bread with sweet and savory toppings such as jam, cheese, butter, and bacon. In addition, it is unsafe for celiacs but healthy for diabetics.

4. Naan bread 

naan bread - millenora

Naan bread is a soft, sticky, delicious Indian flatbread that is made using yogurt. It is prepared inside an extremely hot beehive oven for about 30 seconds to gain those black caramelized charcoal spots. 

Naan often comes as a side piece in main meals, for dipping in liquid food.

5. Boston quick bread 

Boston quick bread - millenora

Sometimes called New England brown bread, Boston quick bread is a dark-colored whole-wheat bread that gets its distinct flavor from molasses. It also makes use of a chemical leavening agent. 

Furthermore, it is traditionally steamed or baked in a can which gives the cylindrical shape, and is sometimes decorated using raisins.

Also, because of its moist texture, Boston quick bread is sometimes mistaken for banana bread. 

6. Rye bread 

rye bread - millenora

Rye bread started with the Scandinavians. It is made with rye which makes it high in fiber and quite heavy once baked. However, it is not a high-calorie bread and can be a part of your weight management diet.

This sandwich bread packs quite a punch and is sure to fill you up with just a little quantity. You can also use it for breakfast toast or pair it with delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast.

7. Banana bread

banana bread - millenora

Except for its shape which is in the form of your regular bread, the soft and tender structure of the banana bread makes it so similar to a cake.

Banana bread is a moist bread that contains eggs, banana bread batter, milk, sweeteners, and other fillings like chocolate chips.

You don’t always have to pair the bread with anything other than a glass of milk or juice; it’s enjoyable by itself.

8. Focaccia

focaccia bread - millenora

Focaccia is an enriched soft Italian flat-style bread that is thinner than the regular baguette but thicker than pizza dough. 

Although focaccia bread is traditionally dairy-free, you can make moderations to it by adding cheese, rosemary, or caramelized onion as toppings.

Focaccia is delicious on its own but you can also eat it with cheese, meat, or a dip.

9. Potato bread 

potato bread - millenora

Potato bread is made with milk, sugar, and potato starch or flour to replace a significant portion of wheat flour used in baking traditional bread. 

It is a soft, fine, white, bun-shaped bread you can eat alone. But if you must, you can use it for your chicken or ham sandwich.

10. Bagel 

bagels - millenora

A distinctive feature of bagels is the hole at the center and their disk shape. They are chewy and dense and are often smeared with smoked fish and cream cheese. 

Also, the tough, chewy dough is a result of the high-gluten flour the bread is made from. So bagels are probably not a good idea if you’re sensitive to gluten. 

11. Baguettes 

baguette - millenora

They are popularly called French bread. Baguettes are long, soft bread with a chewy crust and light interior. They are famous for their length and diameter.

While you can eat baguettes alone, you can also use them to make bruschettas and sandwiches. In addition, they pair perfectly with jam, cheese, butter, and chocolate.

12. Sourdough

sourdough - millenora

Sourdough bread is a type of white bread with a moist chewy interior and firm crust. It also has a sour tanginess that develops within hours or days.

This leavened bread is made with yeast, water, and flour which could be wheat or not. You can make this bread at home and enjoy it with brie or cheddar cheese.

13. Challah

challah - millenora

Traditionally baked for the Jewish Sabbath, Challah is known for its distinctive braid. It is made from six strands of dough which results in a soft-crusted elastic bread.

Also, because it is baked mostly for the Jewish Sabbath, the challah bread does not contain butter, meat, milk, or any other dairy.  

14. Sprouted bread

ezekiel bread - millenora

Ever heard of Ezekiel bread? This is it, sprouted bread is just another name.

This bread is made using moistened grains that have begun to sprout or germinate. Sprouted bread has more fiber than your average traditional bread. It also has a heavier texture. 

15. Irish soda bread 

irish soda - millenora

This is a light-brown loaf leavened with soda and buttermilk. It also contains raisins and sometimes caraway seeds.

Irish soda bread is generally whiter and sweeter (you can flavor it with currants). However, the recipes may differ according to country or location. 

16. Multigrain bread 

multigrain bread - millenora

You can make this bread by soaking numerous grains like flax seeds, rolled oats, wheat, and rye overnight in water and then including them in the normal bread recipe. The grains add more nutrients and fiber to the bread.

The selection of grains in the bread depends on your preference. If you want a switch to your regular breakfast sandwich, replace the regular bread with multigrain bread.

17. Pumpernickel

pumpernickel bread - millenora

The pumpernickel bread is a dense dark-colored bread. It gets its dark hue from caramel or molasses and is baked using whole-grain rye. The bread is also often topped using smoked fish and smeared with butter. 

18. American rye bread 

american rye bread - millenora

American rye bread or Jewish rye bread is a light-colored bread baked with caraway seeds and rye flour. 

Unlike its European counterpart, this caraway-rye bread is made of only 20% rye which makes it less dense.

19. Ciabatta

ciabatta bread - millenora

Baked using yeast, water, flour, and salt, there is almost no difference between the Ciabatta bread recipe and traditional bread. However, the Ciabatta’s uniqueness lies in its slipper-like shape and high water content. 

This Italian bread is a great choice for any Italian dish that requires bread.

20. Pita

pita bread - millenora

Pita bread is a flatbread that originates from the Middle-Eastern part of the world and has the flat round appearance of a disk. This bread is made with yeast, flour, water, and salt. 

Additionally, Pitas earn their popularity from the air pocket they form once tossed into an extremely hot oven. You can make pita at home and use it as a wrap for kebabs and falafel. It is also for sandwiches and dipping in sauces.

21. Tortilla

tortilla wraps - millenora

Tortilla is a popular flatbread made from flour (corn or wheat), water, and salt. It has a round shape and is a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine.

This flatbread is used as wraps for tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. You can also dip it in sauces and stews.

22. Matzah

matzah bread - millenora

Matzah is a cracker-like bread made with flour and water. It is then baked in an oven for less than 18 minutes under Kosher supervision.

The Matzah bread’s short time spent in the oven is to prevent it from rising. Also, Jews traditionally make the Matzah bread for Passover. 

23. Bialy

bialy bread - millenora

Also disk-shaped in appearance, the bialy bread is very much similar to bagels. However, they have no holes at their center and also lack a shiny appearance. 

Furthermore, you make them by filling the center with poppy seed, oil, and chopped onions. 

24. Brioche

brioche bread - millenora

The brioche bread is closely related to challah bread. However, unlike challah bread, brioche bread uses dairy products as an ingredient. 

Also, this well-nourished bread’s texture and rich yellow color come from the butter and egg yolks used in making them. Brioche also contains milk and sugar and comes in a bun form similar to those used for burgers.  

The buns make delicious hamburgers and French toast.

25. Cornbread

cornbread - millenora

This native American delicacy is a product of cornmeal, buttermilk, oil or butter, and milk which gives its rich taste. Cornbread looks like an unfrosted cake that is on almost every Thanksgiving table.

It uses a chemical leavening agent instead of yeast. This makes the cornbread a quick bread instead of a traditional bread. Cornbread is best paired with comfort food such as soup, chicken, and slow-cooked ham.


Which is the best bread for sandwiches?

Some of the best sandwich bread are wraps, bread rolls, brioches, sourdough bread, baguettes, white bread, and rye bread.

Which country eats the most bread?

Germany has the largest consumption of bread worldwide. The Germans have over 1,300 varieties of bread and lots of bakeries too.

What types of bread can you make at home?

You can make almost any type of bread at home if you have the required ingredients available.

Moreover, making bread at home can help you cut the grocery bill. You can also make bread at home to suit your dietary needs.


Some people say bread is life. This tells a lot about its importance in any home and many recipes. With the plethora of varieties, you already know why everyone has their preferences.

Moreover, since all the types of bread are not made the same way, making a choice requires more than what appeals to your eyes. With this article, you certainly know what to pick when next you’re on the bread aisle.

You can also find out the recipe for any of these types of bread and make it at home. But, before you do, find out if you need dairy in your bread recipe. Also, check out this list of sandwich condiments to make the best picks fro breakfast.

Thanks for reading.