Ostrich Egg Vs Chicken Egg: A Detailed Comparison

The size of ostrich eggs is one of those awesome facts we all learned as we grew. Many people have also tried to draw up a comparison between an ostrich egg vs the famous chicken egg.

Yes, everyone knows they are from different birds. But is that all there is to the comparison of ostrich egg vs chicken egg?

I believe your curiosity wants answers to your questions on the comparison of the nutritional value, size, taste, and superiority of both types of eggs. Continue scrolling to find your answers.

What is an ostrich egg?

Ostrich eggs are gotten from ostriches.

Ostriches produce the largest eggs among birds. In American culture, these eggs are exotic. People who fancy and can afford them usually buy these eggs during special ceremonies.

Furthermore, they are edible. The average price for an ostrich egg on a local farm is $30, which is not comparable to the cost of one chicken egg.

If you’re adventurous, chances are you may have eaten an ostrich egg once, or you’ll enjoy it if you get a chance to eat one.

What is a chicken egg?

Chicken eggs are gotten from hens.

They are the first eggs everyone got to know. They are available in white, brown, free-range, organic, cage-free, pasture-raised, soy-free, and omega-3-enriched varieties. Chicken eggs are the most readily available eggs.

You can raise a few hens in your backyard garden to get eggs. You can also get chicken eggs at any convenience store, superstore, supermarket, or grocery store near you.

Furthermore, there’s an endless list of ways to use chicken eggs.

Chicken eggs can be boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, pickled, or used to fill sandwiches or top salads. They are also essential ingredients in baked goods.

Ostrich egg vs chicken egg

Nutritional value

One ostrich egg contains about 2,000 calories which are more than the total calories in 24 chicken eggs.

Additionally, it is made of 45% fat and 47% protein, which is a lot more than what one chicken egg contains.

Despite the amount of fat in an ostrich’s egg, it contains way less saturated fat than chicken eggs. It is also low in cholesterol and vitamins A & E, unlike chicken eggs. However, it has more iron and magnesium.


As said earlier, ostrich eggs are the largest. One ostrich egg is equal to 24 chicken eggs.

Moreover, it weighs about 3 pounds (approximately 1400 grams) and is 6 inches long. On the other hand, one chicken egg weighs 50 grams and is about 2 inches long.

In addition, the shell of a chicken’s egg is nothing compared to an ostrich’s. The shell of an ostrich’s egg is 3.0mm thick, while the shell of a chicken’s egg is 0.3mm thick.


The egg white of a chicken’s egg has a bland taste, but the yolk is buttery and creamy. Ostrich’s egg boasts a more intense taste profile and gelatinous texture.


Ostrich eggs are more expensive than chicken eggs. One ostrich egg costs up to $30, which is way more than the price of a dozen eggs.

ostrich egg vs chicken egg - millenora
Figure: Ostrich egg vs chicken egg

Are ostrich eggs better than chicken eggs?

Ostrich eggs are not better than chicken eggs or the other way around. Chicken eggs are readily available and widely eaten, unlike ostrich eggs.


Can you fry ostrich egg?

Yes, you can. Instead of boiling ostrich eggs, scrambling or frying them is also a good way to enjoy them.

Do ostrich eggs taste like chicken eggs?

Yes, they do. Ostrich eggs taste like chicken eggs.

Although some people say it has a more intense flavor, you’ll still get the chicken egg taste.

Are ostrich eggs readily available like chicken eggs?

No, they are not.

Chicken eggs are the most readily available eggs. To get ostrich eggs, you may have to visit farms that keep ostriches. You can also get the eggs from some high-end supermarkets.


Ostriches lay the largest egg among all birds. One ostrich egg weighs 3 pounds and is 6 inches long. In the comparison of one ostrich egg vs one chicken egg in the article, you’ll agree that the ostrich’s egg is enormous!

Compared to the 0.30mm thickness of the shell of a hen’s egg, an ostrich’s is 3.0mm. If you are adventurous enough, you may enjoy the intense flavor of an ostrich’s egg. However, don’t ever think you can eat one all by yourself.

I hope you found this ostrich egg vs chicken egg comparison very resourceful.

Thanks for reading.

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