Whipped Cream Can Not Working? Here’s How To Fix It

If your whipped cream can is not working, relax. There are so many reasons your whipping cream container could malfunction. I know the battle with the whipped cream container gets stressful, but there is a solution for you.

This article reviews canned whipped cream and accurately explains why you have issues with it. Most importantly, you can get the answer to all your canning issues if you read on.

What is whipped cream?

Whipped cream is light heavy cream. This rich cream is beaten by a whisk or mixed until it is soft and fluffy and holds its shape.

This cream has high butterfat content, typically 30% to 36%. Whipped cream comes in powder and liquid forms and each is packaged differently.

Powdered whipped cream comes in packs while the liquid variety comes in aerosol cans or plastic containers.

Canned whipped cream is easy to use and is preferred especially among home bakers.

Why is your whipped cream can not working?

There are so many things that can cause your whipped cream can to stop working. The problems can be:

1. A clogged nozzle

This clog occurs after using the can for a long. The content sticks to the nozzle and causes the can to stop supplying whipped cream.

2. Light canned whipped cream

It is quite normal for whipped cream to break down after sitting in a can for a long time. It’s either the valve has an issue or the gas escapes.

Either way, when it breaks down, the whipped cream stops frothing and becomes light and runny.

3. Nozzle loses pressure

A nozzle loses pressure due to friction from the movement of liquid in the can. The friction is caused by resistance to flow in the can and acts on the fluid.

When this happens, you have to get the cream out of the can and get a new one.

How to fix whipped cream can that is not working

There are solutions to your can whipped cream can problems and here are the answers to your questions.

When the nozzle is clogged

If your can nozzle is clogged, it’s most likely because of leftover sugar and butter fat at the mouth of the can.

All you have to do is set it down and turn it upside down for a few minutes in a cup of warm water. Warm water helps loosen the butterfat in the nozzle.

Do not put anything into the nozzle so you don’t puncture the valve. Turn it back and up and shake the container.

When you shake the container, clean the nozzle and spray. You’ll notice the air expelled from this can, leaving the cream alone. You have unclogged the nozzle of your can.

How to fix light canned whipped cream

A light canned whipped cream means a lack of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is a gas that reacts with cream to create whipped cream.

Once the nitrous gas escapes, you will only be able to spray liquid. Whipped cream cans with this problem cannot be fixed. You have to get a new can of light heavy cream.  

A light canned whipped cream also means there’s a problem with the valve. There is a possibility that the valve got stuck due to the cream and sugar remaining from the last time you used it. If this is the issue, then you can unclog the nozzle.

When whipped cream can lose pressure

You have to ensure all the pressure in the can is completely out. Once you’re sure, use a small circular saw to open the top of the can.

Hold the can carefully to prevent finger loss and make the cut. When this is done, you can scoop the cream out gently and place it in a bowl for preservation.


Why is my whipping cream not thickening?

Whipped cream will not thicken if the cream and whipping utensils were not chilled before you started whipping it.

Other reasons include using old cream, whipping thawed frozen cream, and adding sweetener too early.

How can you fix runny whipped cream in a can?

If you have a can of runny whipped cream, chill it to make it thick and firm again.

What is a whipped cream dispenser?

A whipped cream dispenser is a portable piece of kitchen equipment that uses nitrous oxide to whip up light heavy cream. The dispenser gives the cream a light, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth feel.

How long can whip cream last in a dispenser?

Whipped cream can last three hours to three months n a dispenser.


Canned whipped cream is effective and efficient, but you must pay attention to parts of it that will ensure longevity. Do not hold and spray the nozzle in the wrong way. Always, clean the nozzle with warm water.

Before you abandon the can, look for the fault and fix it if it’s repairable.

Thank you for reading.

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