Heavy Whipping Cream – Can You Drink It?

Heavy whipping cream is indeed heavy, and creamy too. Plus, a lot of coffee lovers prefer this cream to half-and-half. It also makes great mac and cheese too. But, can you drink heavy whipping cream by itself?

Yes, you can drink heavy whipping cream like you drink other dairy products. However, there are a few buts.

Read on to see why drinking heavy whipping cream isn’t a good idea as using it in coffee and baking.

What is heavy whipping cream?

Heavy whipping cream is the high-fat potion of dairy milk. It is that part of fresh milk you can scrape off when fresh milk is left to stand.

It contains 36–40% fat. This makes it higher in fat than other cream varieties. The cream is considered a staple ingredient as it can be used in different recipes.

Can you drink heavy whipping cream?

Yes, you can drink heavy whipping cream by itself. Without adding it to coffee and smoothies, heavy whipping cream tastes just great. It has a thick, rich, creamy flavor. Also, it does not contain added sugars, so, you may not find it sweet.

But, heavy whipping cream is thick and you can’t gulp it like regular cream. Instead, heavy whipping cream is sipped.

Can you drink heavy whipping cream on keto?

Heavy whipping cream has a high-fat content but it is low in carbs. Therefore, it is keto-friendly.

Can you drink heavy whipping cream on a fast?

Heavy whipping cream will not break your fast if you do not exceed 1 tablespoon. It is low in carbs and 1 tablespoon provides only 1g of carbohydrates.

How to use heavy whipping cream

Heavy whipping cream is a very rich addition to recipes, especially in beverages, and adding it to yours makes it possible for you to drink it.

Here are some of the ways to use heavy whipping cream:

  • Cream coffee
  • To make flavored coffee creamer
  • Make whipping cream cake
  • Make a homemade cream cheese
  • To make ricotta cheese
  • Add heavy whipping cream to your ice cream recipe
  • In Alfredo sauce
  • To make mac and cheese
  • To make cream-based soups and sauces
  • For mashed potatoes
  • For whisking vinaigrettes
  • Make heavy whipping cream cubes

Is drinking heavy whipping cream healthy?

Heavy whipping cream can be healthy if you take it in moderation. This cream is high in fat, and low in carbs, but also rich in vitamins and minerals.

The fat in heavy whipping cream is saturated fat and overconsumption of this fat can dispose you to heart-related diseases. It is also high in calories and will lead you into consuming excess calories if you use it too often.

However, in moderation, you can enjoy the benefits of the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals in heavy whipping cream.

Can you drink heavy whipping cream to lose weight?

Yes, you can. Heavy whipping cream is low in carbs, which are mainly responsible for weight gain. However, if heavy whipping would be part of a healthy weight loss diet, you must drink it in moderation.


Is taking heavy whipping cream daily bad?

No, it’s not. As long as you have a healthy diet, there’s nothing wrong with it. The most important thing is to watch your calories and monitor your health.

How would cereal taste if you use heavy whipping cream instead of milk?

Cereals will be thick and taste too fatty if you use heavy whipping cream instead of milk.

Can you drink expired heavy whipping cream?

Expired heavy whipping cream is safe for consumption as long as it has been stored properly. Heavy whipping cream can last one week after the expiration date.

However, ensure you carefully examine it for signs of spoilage before you drink it. Check for leaks on the pack. Pour it into a bowl and check for lumps or mold growth.


You can drink heavy whipping cream as it is but you must limit your consumption. It is low in carbs but high in fat and calories and can cause weight gain.

Instead of drinking heavy whipping cream as it is, add it to coffee, smoothies, casseroles, and baked goods.

Thank you for reading.

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