Oats For Dinner To Lose Weight: Weight Loss Guide For You

Do you know you can also have that bowl of breakfast oats for dinner? Yes, you can. If you’re looking to lose weight, then, oats should be on your dinner menu.

Oats are fiber-rich grains. Eating oatmeal helps to reduce hunger pang and improve metabolism which invariably helps to reduce weight over time.

Beyond that, it contains essential amino acids that help you sleep better and burn off excess fat and sugar.

Ahead, this article explains why eating oats for dinner can help you lose weight, other benefits, downsides of oats, and oat recipes for dinner.

Can you eat oats for dinner to lose weight?

Oatmeal is high in water and soluble and insoluble fiber. This nutrient combination is a perfect match for any weight loss journey. The fiber in oats keep you feeling full for longer and hunger pangs.

It suppresses the urge to snack on high-calorie and high-sugar treats. Losing weight becomes easier when you can control your appetite and do not consume a lot of calories and sugar.

The fiber in oats regulates blood sugar and reduces LDL cholesterol levels. Eating oatmeal for dinner helps to release serotonin hormones, thereby reducing stress, calming the nerves, and making you sleep better at night.

What is the best way to eat oats for weight loss?

Here are the best recommendations for losing weight with oats:

1. Avoid sugary and instant oats

Instant oats or packaged, flavored oats often contain added sugar which increases calories and decreases the nutritional value of oats.

Plain oats or steel-cut oats are the best for breakfast or dinner if you’re looking to lose weight.

Most packaged flavored oats contain about 70 more calories than plain ones. So, eating them often will most likely result in weight gain in the long run.

2. Eat it as a snack

Oats aren’t just great for breakfast, it’s an excellent snack as well. You can roast it a little in the oven and eat it with fruits, nuts, and seeds for a healthy snack.

Eating it as a snack is better than feasting on fried foods like donuts, highly processed restaurant food, and chocolates or sweets. You derive nutritional benefits like protein, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

3. Add fiber-rich toppings

Fiber is an essential component for losing weight. It keeps you full for a long, thereby making you eat less. Include fiber-rich toppings such as apples, strawberries, and raspberries in your oatmeal.

These toppings not only make your food more nutritious, but they also act as sweeteners, making your meal even more enjoyable.

4. Do not add fatty toppings

Toppings like peanut butter and whole milk are packed with high calories and fat. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain as many as 188 calories. A cup of whole milk contains about 180 calories and 8 grams of fat.

Instead of using peanut butter, use banana or a drop of stevia as a natural sweetener for your food. Also, go for oat milk or almond milk as healthier alternatives to whole milk.

5. Eat moderately

After eating your oats, some milk might be left in the bowl, and you may be tempted to add extra oat to finish the milk. This increases the portion of food you eat which invariably increases your calorie intake.

Calories, sugar, and fat are the major culprits of weight gain. So, instead of adding more oats to the remaining milk, drink the milk to maintain a healthy or moderate diet.

Oats for dinner recipes

Oatmeal isn’t just great for breakfast, it’s a delicious meal option for dinner time too. And there are many recipes you can try out at home to make your meal more appealing rather than sticking to oatmeal with milk.

These exciting recipes include:

1. Oatmeal with cheddar and fried egg

For a cheesy-grit taste, add runny yolk and sticky cheddar to your oatmeal. Add some chopped pepper and onions to make it more savory.

And if you love the crunchy feeling of walnut, you can include them in your recipe. This recipe is a balance of macronutrients and super filling.

2. Irish oatmeal leek soup

Have you tried this warm, satisfying, traditional Irish recipe? It is a classic delicious soup that is ideal for easy and quick family lunches and dinners.

Irish soup is a good source of soluble fiber which acts as a prebiotic to feed beneficial bacteria in the gut. Leek itself contains allicin, a potent antimicrobial in garlic that reduces pathogens and microbes in the gut.

3. Savory oatmeal with garlicky kale

Kale is a versatile meal that can go along with many foods including oats. In this recipe, add a little bit of sautéed garlic to spice up the flavor plus egg fried with olive oil for a healthy diet.

4. Mushroom and herb steel-cut oat risotto

This meal is a cheap, delicious, nutritious, hearty vegetarian meal. Mushrooms are very tasty and add a meaty quality to meals without meat.

You can flavor it up with a leek and a generous amount of dried ground sage and fresh thyme. If you’re not vegan, you can use chicken stock or beef, add some oat risotto with parmesan chees,e and you’re good to go.

5. Oatmeal with avocado and poached egg

Including avocado in oatmeal adds a creamy texture and makes it feel like you added cream. Poached eggs are cooked over low heat, reducing cholesterol oxidation and allowing them to retain most of their nutrients.

Poached eggs are healthy. This bowl of oatmeal is packed with fiber, protein, and just the right amount of fat.


Can you eat oats at dinner every day?

Oats are healthy but because they take time to digest, they may stress your digestive tract if you eat them every day. This can lead to stomach complications like constipation and indigestion.

How many oats should I eat a day to lose weight?

The daily recommended serving size for oats for weight loss is 50 grams or half a cup, whether you’re eating it for dinner or breakfast.

Does eating oats at night reduce belly fat?

Yes. Oats are fiber-rich food that can help burn off visceral fat.

What is the best time to eat oats for weight loss?

You can eat oats for breakfast and dinner to lose weight. The fiber content in oats helps reduce hunger pangs, make you eat less, and reduce calorie intake.


Oats are one of the healthiest grains. They are naturally gluten-free and are an excellent source of fiber, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Oats and oatmeal have a lot of benefits which include weight loss. Whether you take oats for breakfast or dinner, they can help you lose weight over time.

However, don’t go overboard by taking it in excess or every day. According to experts, overconsumption of oats may cause bloating and increase your sugar intake over time.

I hope this article helped you. Thanks for reading.

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