Can You Eat Raw Oats Without Getting Sick?

If you always feel guilty about scooping raw oats into your mouth, you can stop already. It is okay to eat raw oats. You are not alone in that sport.

Maybe you are scared for your kids. It’s more common with them. They are quick to take a pinch of raw oats straight into their mouth while you make them oatmeal for breakfast.

It does not taste as pleasant as when it is cooked, but some people enjoy it. If you are one of those, you can go ahead. Eating raw oats is not as harmful as eating other raw grains.

While it is safe to eat raw oats, there are things you should know before you empty the jar. Eating raw oats has side effects, and you should know them.

Read on to see full details.

Can you eat raw oats alone?

Yes, you can.

It is okay to scoop raw oats into your mouth and munch on them as a snack or while you wait for your oatmeal breakfast to get ready.

But there is a right way to eat raw oats. Ensure you soak the oats for at least 12 hours or overnight before you eat.

Soaking oats before eating makes the meal more digestible. Moreover, the oats ferment and you can get the best of their nutritional value.

In addition, raw oats have more nutritional value than cooked oats. However, eat it in moderation. Excess consumption could lead to constipation.

Also, make sure you take a liquid while you munch on raw oats. This will aid the digestion process and prevent any stomach discomfort.

Are raw oats healthy?

Yes, they are.

As mentioned earlier, raw oats have more nutrients than cooked oats. Raw oats contain more soluble fiber beta-glucan. This fiber helps lower blood pressure and keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

Also, eating raw oats can help you lose weight. The high fiber content keeps you from eating too much by making you feel full quicker and for longer.

In addition, the high fiber content can help maintain a healthy gut, keep blood sugar levels steady and manage diabetes.

Can you get stomach upset from eating raw oats?

Yes, you can.

Eating raw oats without drinking any liquid can cause you a stomach upset. When the dry oats build up in your stomach or intestines, it could lead to stomach upset.

Also, if you experience stomach upset after eating raw oats, it could be a result of an oat allergy or gluten intolerance.

Can you eat raw oats with milk?

Yes, you can.

To avoid getting stomach upset after eating raw oats, take it with milk. The best way to eat oats with milk is to soak the oats in milk for at least two hours.

You can also refrigerate the oats with milk overnight and drink it on the go or add it to a smoothie.

Can you eat raw oats in a smoothie?

Yes, you can.

Another way to enjoy raw oats without getting a stomach upset is to add them to a smoothie.

You can blend the oats directly before adding them to the other smoothie ingredients. You can also soak oats in milk overnight and make a creamy smoothie the next day.

Can you eat raw oats with yogurt?

Yes, you can.

Another way to eat raw oats without developing stomach upset is to sprinkle them as a topping over frozen yogurt.

You can also soak them in the yogurt overnight. Add some berries when you’re ready to eat the yogurt.

Downsides of eating raw oats

There are downsides to eating raw oats. They are not as tasty as cooked oats, especially if you did not soak them in milk or yogurt. Dry oats can cause constipation when you eat them in excess.

Raw oats are not easily digestible, and they are high in phytates.

Phytates are antinutrients that bind to minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc, making it difficult for the body to absorb them. An accumulation of phytates in the body can lead to deficiencies in these minerals.

In addition, oats are high in fiber. Over time, they will soak up liquid from your digestive tract, and this is not good.


Can you eat raw oats when pregnant?

Yes, you can. Raw oats are safe to eat during pregnancy. It does not put you at risk of foodborne illness. However, overeating raw oats can cause stomach discomfort.

Are raw oats good for a keto diet?

Raw oats can fit into a keto diet if you limit your intake and stay within the recommended daily carb intake according to the Standard Keto Diet (SKD).

Can you eat blended raw oats?

Yes, you can. Blended raw oats are just as nutritious as unblended raw oats. The blended form is only smoother and easily digestible.


Raw oats are safe for you. The side effects kick in when you eat them too frequently without first soaking them. Raw oats may have more calories than cooked oats, but they are more beneficial for weight loss.

Also, cooking oats reduces their nutritional value by 25%. However, it is best to soak raw oats in water for at least 12 hours before you eat them. Also, eat it in moderation to avoid the downsides.

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