Is 3 Protein Shakes A Day Too Much? [Must Read]

3 protein shakes a day may or may not be too much based on your recommended daily protein intake.

Protein shakes form a huge part of some people’s diets. For instance, athletes, people who want to gain or lose weight, and those who need protein supplements.

A protein shake is a dietary supplement made by mixing protein powder with water, milk, or any other dairy product. It helps to build muscle mass, promotes weight loss or gain, and works as a meal alternative.

For whatever reason you need protein shakes, you mustn’t drink more than you should. Read this article to find out how much protein shake you should drink.

Is 3 protein shakes a day too much?

The number of protein shakes you drink is based on your recommended daily protein intake. Therefore, while 3 protein shakes are not too much for some people, they could be for others.

For instance, an athlete will require more protein shakes than a person who lives a sedentary lifestyle.

You should know your recommended daily protein intake and stick with it while taking a protein shake as a dietary supplement.

How many protein shakes should you drink in a day?

One to three protein shakes per day are enough to make up for your protein needs.

How much you take largely depends on the reason why you drink it.

How do you know you have had too many protein shakes?

If you have gone beyond your recommended daily protein intake, that’s a glaring sign that you’ve had too many protein shakes. 

You need to slow down and avoid predisposing yourself to worse health conditions.

What happens when you drink too many protein shakes?

There are no long-term health risks associated with drinking too many protein shakes. However, it is advisable to stay within your limits.

When you take too many protein shakes, you may experience any of the following:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Explosive diarrhea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Increase in calorie count and weight gain
  • It also increases the risk of bone fractures
  • A spike in blood sugar if you take the sweetened varieties of protein shake
  • In severe cases, it could increase the risk of cancer, kidney problems, liver problems, and coronary heart disease

How many times should you drink protein shakes in a day?

No rule states how many times you should drink protein shakes per day.

Most importantly, space out your consumption throughout the day. This way, there is optimal absorption, and you can enjoy the benefits of drinking protein shakes.

In addition, consuming protein shakes all in one sitting could discomfort you and make you feel unwell.


How many protein shakes should you drink in a day to gain weight?

Two protein shakes are enough to help you gain weight.

To gain one pound per week, increase your calorie intake to about 500 calories. But you mustn’t rely on only protein shakes to provide you with all the calories you need.

Furthermore, a protein shake should be a protein supplement, not a complete meal replacement.

Also, the amount of protein shake you need for weight gain depends on your recommended daily protein intake, your lifestyle, body weight, and how much protein you get from other protein sources.

How many protein shakes should you drink in a day to gain muscle?

Two to three protein shakes are enough for muscle building and maintaining muscle mass.

In some cases, a person may need up to four protein shakes. This is for people who are involved in intense and rigorous workout programs and athletic sports.

How many protein shakes should you drink as a meal alternative?

One protein shake is enough for a breakfast or lunch alternative. You do not need a lot of this dietary supplement If you are not active (working out).

Always ensure you’re within the bounds of your daily protein intake to avoid the side effects of having too much protein powder in your system.


While 3 protein shakes are too much for some people, it is just enough for others.

The most important thing to keep in mind when drinking protein shakes is you only need as much as is necessary to meet up your recommended daily intake. Know the amount and stick with it.

It is very possible to have more protein shakes than you need and it is not healthy. Also, do not make protein shakes a complete meal replacement.

Thanks for reading.

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