Should You Chug A Protein Shake At Once?

Should you chug a protein shake? This is one of the many questions people who drink protein shakes as a protein supplement ask.

While some people say it doesn’t matter how or when you drink a protein shake, others are overly concerned about these matters.

How you take in food or liquid matters. When you take a protein shake in chugs, it could leave you in discomfort. This is one thing no one gets comfortable with. So, how you drink a protein shake matters.

In this article, I’ll be discussing how and when you should drink a protein shake to reap its benefits.

What is a protein shake?

A protein shake is a dietary supplement made by mixing protein powder with water, milk, or any milk alternative.

It is a healthy drink that is popular among athletes and people who need protein supplements to meet up with their daily protein intake.

The FDA certifies protein shakes as a great source of amino acids that can help repair worn-out muscles, and build & maintain muscle mass.

There are different types of protein shakes, based on what protein they contain. The most common types are whey and casein which are made from animal-based protein powders.

Additionally, protein shakes are healthy and provide a lot of benefits. Although they are not necessary if you can complete your daily protein intake with food.

Some of the benefits of drinking protein shakes include the increase and preservation of muscle mass, weight loss, quick recovery from injuries, and repair of worn-out muscles from workout sessions.

What does it mean to chug a drink?

When you chug a drink, it means you drink it quickly in large gulps.

Also, taking a drink in chugs means you don’t stop to breathe while drinking.

Should you chug a protein shake?

No, you shouldn’t. While taking a chug of your protein shake may seem to quench your thirst at the time, it is not a good idea.

When you drink a protein shake it is supposed to start digesting and absorbing into your body. But when you chug it, it will sit in your stomach and cause bloating.

This feeling is uncomfortable and not a friendly post-workout experience. Moreover, it could leave you stressed, nauseous and unwell.

Should you drink protein shakes slowly?

Yes, you should. The best way to drink a protein shake is to sip it slowly.

Try not to take in large quantities and swallow a lot of air too. This way, the drink digests and absorbs into your body properly.

Can you drink a protein shake every day?

Yes, you can.

While you can drink a protein shake every day, you should not rely on a protein shake to provide you with the whole of your daily protein need.

A protein shake should be a supplement. That is, it should be a support for your daily protein intake not the sole source of your protein needs.

Should you drink a protein shake before or after a workout?

An expert, Mona Cabrera, M.S., R.D., confirms that it doesn’t matter when you drink a protein shake.

It’s up to you to decide whether to drink it before or after your workout sessions. Either way, what matters is that you meet up with your daily protein intake.

But, you may want to consider what drinking a protein shake before or after a workout can do for you. When you drink a protein shake before a workout, it can help prevent hunger pangs from disrupting your exercise. It also aids muscle building.

However, if you chug the protein shake, you may experience a lot of discomfort during the workout session. Additionally, it could leave you feeling too full.

Taking a protein shake after a workout aids muscle repair, replenishes lost fluid, and energizes you. Moreover, it can suffice as a post-workout meal because you’re least likely to have an appetite for a real meal.

As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter whether you take a protein shake before or after your workout. The most important thing is that you’re on track with your daily protein intake.

Should you drink a protein shake on non-workout days?

Yes. There is no rule against drinking a protein shake when you’re not working out. Whether you hit the gym or not, your body requires protein for growth and development.

A protein shake can substitute for breakfast if you’re one of those who don’t wake up hungry. It’s also a filling lunch that can keep you from taking in a lot of calories.

And rather than binge eating, a protein shake is a better late-night meal when you’re very tired and hungry.

Moreover, it will help you burn calories even when you’re not working out. This is a great plus if you’re looking to manage your weight.

How many protein shakes should you drink in a day?

Ideally, one to two protein shakes per day are enough protein supplements for anyone’s diet.

But in cases where a person has a high daily protein requirement, they can take three protein shakes a day. But, they should not exceed this.

Most importantly, do not replace proper meals with protein shakes.

Can you have too many protein shakes?

Yes. Drinking too many protein shakes is a thing.

Overconsuming protein shakes will load you with too many calories and sugar. The effect of this is most seen when you’re not involved in activities that can make you burn calories.

Consequently, it leads to excessive weight gain, a precursor to other illnesses. Also, it could deprive you of other beneficial nutrients and cause digestive problems.

What is the nutritional value of a protein shake?

The nutritional value of a protein shake depends on the type of protein it contains, other ingredients in the protein powder, and what you mix the powder with.

In essence, a protein shake made with water will have fewer calories than a protein shake made with milk.

Similarly, the number of calories in a protein shake made with whole milk is different from the amount in a protein shake with 2%, 1%, or non-fat milk.

If you got your protein shake from a store, read the label on the pack to get the nutritional value.


How quickly should you drink a protein shake after making it?

Two hours to one day.

If you don’t want to refrigerate the protein shake, drink it within 2 hours of making it. If you’re refrigerating it, do not refrigerate it beyond 24 hours.

Can you drink a protein shake before going to bed?

Yes, you can.

Drinking a protein shake before bed could improve the quality of your sleep, improve muscle repair after a workout session and energize you for the next morning.

It can also aid in weight loss. Moreover, it doesn’t matter much when you drink a protein shake.

Does a protein shake count as a complete meal?

No, it doesn’t.

Regardless of how much protein it supplies to your body, a protein shake is not a complete meal and does not suffice as a meal replacement.

Protein shakes lack other nutrients like vitamins and minerals which are necessary to make a complete meal.


Resist the urge to chug your protein shake. Also, do not rely on it completely as a meal replacement.

Additionally, when you decide to take a protein shake doesn’t matter as much as people claim. Most importantly, ensure you’re meeting up with your daily intake and doing what works for you.

Thanks for reading.

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