Foods That Start With H – Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Dairy, Desserts, & Drinks

If you were asked to make a list of foods that start with H, how many more would you list after honey and ham?

Although they don’t quickly come to mind, you will agree with me that there must be a long list of them. And I have compiled one for you.

Continue scrolling to see a list of foods that start with H, some you may have heard of and some you have not heard of.

1. Habanero pepper

habanero peppers - millenora

Peppers are everyday kitchen essentials. Habanero pepper is one of the popular peppers Americans eat.

They make good condiments in different meals and give your dishes more kick of heat if you love spicy meals.

In addition, you can use pickled habanero pepper for nacho toppings, as a sandwich filling, or eat as a snack.

2. Hake

hake - millenora

Hake fish is a member of the cod family of fish. It is a lean white fish with low fat but high protein, vitamins, and minerals.

There are different ways to make meals with hake fish. You can either grill it or use it for hake fish stew.

3. Halibut

halibut - millenora

Halibut fish is eaten in some parts of the United States. It is one of those fish with little fishiness in its taste. Halibut is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Just like almost every other fish, you can cook halibut fish in many different ways.

Here are some ideas…you could make steaks, tacos, halibut fish sauce, or pan-sear the fish with lemon butter sauce.

4. Ham

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In American families, you can say there is no holiday family dinner without ham on the table. Ham is a leg cut of pork that is cured with brine.

This meat serves many culinary purposes. It makes good toppings for pizzas and it goes well with mashed potatoes, potato casserole, and spaghetti squash.

5. Hamburger

foods that start with h - millenora

A hamburger is a sandwich made with ground or chopped beef fillings alongside vegetables and mayo or mustard to garnish it. Contrary to what many think, hamburger doesn’t contain ham.

This snack is eaten by almost every age group in America; children and young adults make up the bulk of this population.

Some people enjoy hamburgers as a complete breakfast, and others would rather snack on them on the go.

6. Hard-boiled eggs

foods that start with h - millenora

Eggs are rich sources of protein and wonderfully, you can have them in several ways. Scrambled, egg sauce, boiled, and hard-boiled.

Hard-boiled eggs provide you with lean protein. Moreover, they are low in calories and are great for people who are looking to lose weight.

7. Hash browns

foods that start with h - millenora

Another food that starts with the letter H is hash browns or hashed browns. Hash browns are popular breakfast items in American diners.

This meal transforms your fresh and leftover potatoes into a crispy, delicious snack. And it takes a few easy steps to get it done.

Hash browns can be dipped with sauces like sour cream and ketchup. You can also have them as a side dish with eggs.

8. Hasty pudding

hasty pudding - millenora

Hasty pudding makes a good choice when you want to serve your guests a different pudding for dessert. It is a dish of cornmeal or wheat flour, different nuts, raisins, butter, sugar, and milk.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of hasty pudding is the buttery flavor and crunchy feel of the grains and nuts.

9. Havarti

havarti cheese - millenora

Havarti cheese is not originally American, but it is a good substitute for American cheese. Its buttery flavor and smooth texture make it good for grilling, slicing, and melting.

Also, just like you would with your American cheese, you can add Havarti cheese to salad bowls and sandwiches.

10. Hawthorn apples

hawthorn apples - millenora

It is easy to mistake hawthorn apples for berries. This is because of their thin skin, pulpy flesh, and seed clusters.

So, you can eat them and feel like you are eating red or blackberries. They come in colors such as green, yellow, and purple.

Furthermore, you can mix hawthorn apples with real berries and other sweet fruits to make a homemade jam.

11. Haystacks

haystacks - millenora

Haystacks are easy-to-do sweet treats for children, but adults can also snack on them. If your children are old enough to operate the microwave, good for you.

Enjoy the afternoon off-kitchen duty while they make haystacks out of chow mein noodles.

These crunchy snacks have a sweet, buttery taste and you can accompany them with chocolate or syrup such as peanut butter syrup.

12. Hazelnut

foods that start with h - millenora

Hazelnuts are one of the foods that start with H. They are nuts that fall off the hazel tree.

You can eat hazelnuts raw (after peeling off the papery skin, of course) or roasted as an easy snack. Do not forget that hazelnut is the wonder ingredient in Nutella.

13. Hero sandwich

foods that start with h - millenora

There’s no way you’d eat a hero sandwich and not feel like a hero. The large sandwich is made with an oblong roll of bread that is filled to the brim.

It contains fillings like meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes.

14. Herring

foods that start with h - millenora

Herring is an oily fish that is best served smoked, salted, fried, or pickled. But, you can also cook it in other ways by making it an addition to main meals.

If you cannot get freshly caught herrings, you can make do with canned herrings.

15. Hibachi chicken

hibachi chicken - millenora

Hibachi originally belongs to the Japanese people, but Americans have also adopted this cuisine. It is now a popular meal in hibachi or teppanyaki grills.

If you need ideas on a quick appetizing meal, you can try a hibachi chicken recipe. All you need are pieces of chicken breasts, sliced mushrooms, butter, and lemon juice to make your hibachi chicken steaks at home.

16. Hog plum

hog plum - millenora

Hog plum is another food on the list of foods that start with the letter H. This plant is native to the Americas. You can eat both the leaves and fruits of the hog plum plant.

Although some people eat them raw, their acidic taste is a turn-off for others. However, they make good condiments for jams and pie fillings.

17. Holy basil

holy basil - millenora

Basils are herbs that add flavor to meals. Holy basil differs from sweet basil, which gives a distinctive sweet flavor to meals. Holy basil is rather minty and peppery.

The leaves and flowers of this herb are used to make the essential oil of holy basil. The leaves (fresh and dry) are used to make holy basil tea.

18. Home fries

home fries - millenora

Home fries are a dish of fried potatoes, pepper, and onions. It makes a good side dish with eggs, bacon, and roasted chicken.

If you need breakfast or lunch ideas for your family food timetable, home fries are a perfect choice. Moreover, they are easy to make.

19. Honey

foods that start with h - millenora

If you are asked to make a list of foods that start with the letter H, honey will most likely make the first five on your list. This natural food is served as a dipping sauce, a sweetener, and a condiment for many meals.

In addition, if you want to get the full nutritional value of honey, make sure you are using pure, unrefined honey.

20. Honeycrisp apples

honeycrisp apples - millenora

Honeycrisp apples are different from conventional apples. They are juicier, sweeter, and crunchier.

These apples are good for baking, salads, and coleslaw. If you are thinking of what other fruits you can add to your kids’ lunch pack, here is an option they’ll love.

21. Honey cakes

honey cakes - millenora

Another food on the list of foods that starts with H is honey cake. Honey cakes are common desserts in American Jewish families, and they are eaten during the Jewish holidays.

Honey cake is a fruitcake cake that lasts long. Moreover, this cake is good for people who want to replace sugar with honey as a sweetener.

22. Honey mustard chicken wings

honey mustard chicken wings - millenora

Talking about using honey as a dipping sauce…fried chicken wings go well with a mix of honey and mustard as a sauce to give a touch of sweetness without overshadowing the chicken-y flavor and taste.

If you aren’t so sure about what to serve at a get-together with friends and family, you should give this a try.

23. Honey nut granola

honey nut granola - millenora

Honey nut granola is one of the breakfast meals that start with H. It contains nuts of different kinds, oats, puffed rice, dried fruits, brown sugar, and honey. This snack is baked until it is golden brown with a crisp crunch.

Adults love them but I tell you, you can easily get your kids to run an errand with a promise of honey nut granola. Enjoy granola as a summer breakfast with milk or yogurt.

24. Hotcakes

hotcakes - millenora

Hotcakes are pancakes and everybody loves pancakes. The wonderful thing about pancakes is that they are flexible.

You can always modify your ingredients to suit your diet. You’ll find hotcakes on almost every breakfast menu.

Moreover, you can eat your hotcakes with a dipping sauce like soy sauce or toppings like honey, nuts, and fruits.

25. Hot chocolate

foods that start with h - millenora

A cup of hot chocolate will get you going in the morning. It is made by heating cocoa powder, sugar, milk, chocolate chunks, and vanilla for flavor (optional).

If you’re taking a cup of hot chocolate on a cold night, a pinch of chili will do you a lot of good.

26. Hot cross buns

hot cross buns - millenora

Hot cross buns are traditional treats for the Easter holidays. Families use the buns to mark the end of the Lent season and each ingredient has significance to the purpose of the celebration.

27. Hot dog

foods that start with h - millenora

Hot dogs make the list of the most popular foods eaten in America. They are made of meat trimmings of pork, chicken, beef, and sometimes turkey.

Who rejects hot dogs in a bun and ketchup toppings or hot dogs in shawarma? They are available in almost every fast-food restaurant.

They can also be made to suit different dietary needs. But, if you want to be safer, make your hot dogs at home.

28. Hot sauce

hot sauce - millenora

Hot sauce is one of the foods that start with the letter H. It is a common condiment that gives your dish more kick of heat. Hot sauce is made from chili peppers, salt, and vinegar.

You can make a homemade hot sauce with any chili peppers of your choice (according to how much heat you want). This condiment makes a great topping for chicken wings, marinades, stir-fries, and eggs.

29. Huckleberries

huckleberry - millenora

Huckleberries are small berries that grow wildly in North America. These berries are almost like every other berry, especially blueberries.

They have a fleshy pulp but large, bitter seeds. You can make huckleberries into desserts or eat them raw (without the seeds).

In addition, they are good additives to beverages and jams for flavor and sweetening. They also come in handy for baked goods.

30. Hummus

hummus - millenora

Hummus is a puree of chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and sesame seeds.

You can eat hummus as a spread with pita bread or chips. It also makes a great dipping sauce for salad and toast.  

31. Hunan beef

hunan beef - millenora

Hunan beef is a popular Chinese-American cuisine that you can make at home on weekends. They are exceptionally great for summer family time.

Hunan beef is a stir-fried dish of thin slices of steak, garlic, pepper sauce, and vegetables like carrots.

Additionally, you can make Hunan chicken by replacing beef with tender chicken breasts.

32. Hushpuppies

hush puppies - millenora

Hushpuppies are deep-fried cornbread fritters. You can have hushpuppies for breakfast or a mid-day quick meal.


What are the popular American drinks that start with H?

Hot buttered rum, highball, Hollywood martini, and horse’s neck are some of the popular drinks sold in America.

What are the most popular meats in America?

The most consumed meats in America are pork, beef, veal, poultry, lamb, turkey, and fish.

What vegetables start with the letter H?

Hamburg parsley, the heart of palm, habanero pepper, and heirloom tomatoes are some vegetables that start with H.


I guess your tiring search is over. You can always turn to this list of foods that start with H to win a challenge or to create a food timetable.

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Thanks for reading.