Dallas Filet Steak: Size, Cost, Nutritional Value, And Accompaniments

You will agree that any steak from Dallas must be good. Dallas is the home of steaks, so, why not? Ever heard of the Dallas filet steak?

If you have, perhaps you have eaten at Texas Roadhouse or you saw it on the menu but have not tried it. Whichever category you come under; you should read this article. There is so much to know about this tasty steak.

I will discuss Dallas filet in detail – what cut it is, its taste, how much it costs, its nutritional value, and more. Then, you can decide if you should give it a try.

What is a Dallas filet?

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Dallas filet steak is a popular beef cut served in Texas Roadhouse. It is renowned and priced for its buttery tender texture and melt-in-your-mouth mouthfeel. It is a lean meat that is well-seasoned but not as intense as many other steak cuts.

This filet steak is thick, boneless, and delicate, which is why some people call it the “lady’s choice” steak. It is easy to eat alongside accompaniments. However, you will be surprised that some steak lovers think it is too soft.

What cut is a Dallas filet?

Dallas filet is a steak cut from the tenderloin muscle of the cow. It is located at the rear and is not engaged in so much work in the lifetime of the cow. This is most likely why it is so tender.

How big is the Dallas filet at Texas Roadhouse?

The Dallas filet steak is not a big steak cut. Texas Roadhouse offers this steak in 6-ounce (170 grams) and 8-ounce (226 grams) portions. The different steak sizes are priced differently.

How much is Dallas filet at Texas Roadhouse?

Dallas filet is one of the most expensive steak cuts at Texas Roadhouse when compared with other steaks of the same size. The 6 oz. steak costs $17.99 and the 8 oz. steak costs $19.99.

However, this price may be different with locations. It may also cost more if you are buying through a third-party food company.

What is the nutritional value of Dallas filet?

The nutritional value of this filet steak depends on the size of the steak you are requesting.

One serving of the 6 oz. filet contains:

  • Calories – 270 Kcal
  • Fat – 10 grams
  • Carbs – 6 grams
  • Protein – 45 grams

One serving of the 8 oz. filet contains:

  • Calories – 360 Kcal
  • Fat – 13 grams
  • Carbs – 8 grams
  • Protein – 60 grams

Besides these nutrients, the steak also contains vitamins and minerals in trace amounts.

Is Dallas filet healthy?

How much of the steak you eat and the accompaniments you have with it will determine the overall nutritional value of your meal.

This steak has a fair amount of calories and you can keep your meal within your recommended daily allowance if you eat with more veggies and low-calorie accompaniments.

Moreover, it is not high in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fat. You can keep it that way by going for sautéed veggies as accompaniments. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals like iron.

Is Dallas filet a filet mignon?

Yes, Dallas filet is a filet mignon served at Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

What is the best way to make Dallas filet?

You can prepare your filet by grilling or searing it. The best way to enjoy the steak is to grill it.

Grilling involves cooking it over high heat, keeping the steak where the grill is hottest. This will help to give the meat a nice char and keep it juicy on the inside.

Searing is a process of cooking the steak in cooking fat, like butter or oil, until it is tender. It also keeps the meat juicy but does not give the char lines the grill will give.

The most important thing to do when cooking your steak is to season it properly. Add sauces for flavor. Sauces are also excellent marinades and toppings. Do not forget to use onion powder, garlic, paprika, pepper, and of course salt.

What pairs well with Dallas filet at Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse offers the option of two sides to accompany your steak. You can also have your steak smothered with sautéed mushrooms, sautéed onions, and brown gravy or Jack cheese.

Some other accompaniments to eat with steak are:

  • Red wine sauce and creamy mashed potatoes
  • Sautéed mushrooms
  • Buttered vegetables
  • Green beans
  • House Salad

Other hand-cut steaks served at Texas Roadhouse

  • USDA choice sirloin which is available in 6, 8, 11, and 16 oz. portions
  • Ft. Worth ribeye which is available in 10, 12, and 16 oz. portions
  • Texas T-bone which is available in only 18 oz. portion
  • New York strip which is available in 12 and 16 oz. portions
  • Filet medallions. This steak consists of three tender filets (a 9-ounce portion) topped with peppercorn or portobello mushroom sauce and served over seasoned rice
  • Road kill is available in only a 10-ounce portion. It is served with sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, and Jack cheese
  • Sirloin kabob
  • Prime rib which is available in 10-, 12-, and 16-ounce portions
  • Kansas City strip
  • Bone-in ribeye
  • Porterhouse T-bone

What is the difference between a Dallas filet steak and a sirloin steak?

Dallas filet steak is a steak from the tenderloin muscle while the sirloin steak is cut from the loin of the cow. Sirloin is also a lean steak, but it is more of a family-size cut than the small filet.

Sirloin steak is very tender and boneless but not as tender as the filet. In addition, sirloin steak has more marbling and is fattier than the filet, but it does not cost as much as the filet.

If you are big on getting so much flavor and satisfaction at a fair cost, you probably should not go for the filet. It is not as flavorful as the sirloin, and it is less filling.


What is the difference between the filet mignon and the New York strip?

Filet mignon and New York strip are both tender cuts, but the New York strip has a denser texture. Filet mignon is cut from the tenderloin while the New York strip is cut from the short loin (or the strip loin).

The New York strip is a larger cut and can measure up to 12 oz. after trimming. On the other hand, filet mignon measures between 6 to 8 oz.

Also, filet mignon is a more expensive cut and is priced for its texture rather than for its flavor, whereas the New York strip has the upper hand in flavor.

What steak tastes like Dallas filet?

The sirloin steak has a similar taste to the Dallas filet. It could be more intense though and takes longer to cook.

You can also eat any other part of the tenderloin as a substitute for the Dallas filet. Dallas filet is cut from the tip of the tenderloin where it is most tender.

Does any other restaurant have the Dallas filet?

No other restaurant except Texas Roadhouse has a steak called “Dallas filet”. Other steakhouses in Dallas serve filets but they are not called Dallas filets.


Dallas filet steak is known and highly-priced for its unique tenderness and rich flavor. It shouldn’t be anything less than this from less worked muscle, should it?

Grilled, boiled, or pan-seared, you can be sure of a thrilling experience with this steak. Dallas filet steak comes from the tenderloin of the cow.

You can also indulge in making this tasty steak at home with your loved ones. Serve with BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes, spicy aioli, or steamed asparagus.

If you are making your filet at home, then, you should know how long you can keep it in the fridge before it goes bad.

Thanks for reading.