Can Diabetics Eat Cheesecake Without A Sugar Spike? [+ Healthy Cake Options]

Can diabetics eat cheesecake? Yes, they can.

Diabetics don’t have to avoid cheesecake, at least not completely. However, there must be an ingredient shortchange before they can eat it.

This means that the cheesecake won’t be made with the typical cheesecake recipe.

What diabetics eat can either help or worsen their high sugar levels. Read this article to find out if there are any risks involved in eating cheesecakes as a diabetic.

Who is a diabetic?

In simple words, a diabetic is a person living with diabetes. And diabetes is a condition characterized by raised blood glucose, commonly known as blood sugar.

In a diabetic’s body, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. If at all it produces any, the body does not use it effectively.

Naturally, when food digests, it is converted into sugar (glucose) which is released into the blood. When the body does not get the right amount of insulin it needs to move glucose into the cells, then, the sugar remains in the blood.

The glucose accumulates and becomes very high, the condition of diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure. However, it can be managed with a healthy diet and regular blood sugar checks.

There are different types of diabetes. They include type 1 diabetes (popular in kids and young people), type 2 diabetes (common in middle-aged and older persons), and gestational diabetes (pregnant women).

Can diabetics eat cheesecake?

Yes, they can. Cheesecake may be incorporated into a diabetic’s diet with a few adjustments and the inclusion of berries (for more fiber).

Can diabetics eat sugar-free cheesecake?

Yes, diabetics can eat sugar-free cheesecake. Sugar-free cheesecake does not follow the traditional cheesecake recipe but it tastes just as nice.

The sugar-free recipe replaces cream cheese with cottage cheese and also leaves out sweeteners which are also responsible for blood sugar spikes.

Can a person with type 1 diabetes eat cheesecake?

Yes, they can. Nevertheless, they must eat cheesecake in moderation. Diabetics can try pairing this treat with fruits like berries to make it healthier and heartier.

How much cheesecake can a diabetic eat?

There is no stipulated amount of cheesecake that a diabetic can eat.

However, diabetics are advised to eat cheesecake in proportion to prevent blood sugar spikes and other health problems.

Diabetic cheesecake recipe

Use this easy recipe to make diabetic cheesecake at home. This recipe makes four servings.


  • 250g low-fat cottage cheese
  • 150g sour cream
  • 2 medium-sized eggs
  • 1/2 cup of almond flour
  • 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract


  • Preheat the oven to 355°F(179°C)
  • Strain the cottage cheese to reduce moisture
  • Afterward, melt the butter in a microwave-safe bowl for about 60 seconds on medium power and leave it to cool
  • Use a little of the melted butter to brush a pie pan
  • Whisk the cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, and vanilla extract in a bowl
  • Then, add the almond flour and mix
  • Pour in the melted butter and mix again until you have a smooth batter
  • Pour the batter into the greased pan and bake for 45 to 50 minutes
  • When it has fully baked, take out the cake and allow it to cool
  • Serve and refrigerate any leftovers for later

What other types of cake can diabetics eat?

Healthy cake options for diabetics are cakes that contain low sugar, high amounts of carbohydrates, and fruits to help keep blood sugar levels in check.

Below is a list of some tasty and healthy cakes that are suitable for diabetics:

Angel food cake

angel food cake - millenora

This cake is suitable for diabetics. You will like this moist, vanilla-flavored cake which only needs six ingredients.

The ingredients include egg whites, cream of tartar, powdered monk fruit, almond flour, coconut flour, and vanilla flavor.

Angel food cake contains less than one gram of sugar and 5.6 grams of total carbohydrates per serving. You can have it done in just a little over an hour and top it with whipped cream, berries, etc.

Mixed fruit cake

mixed fruit cake - millenora

Here is yet another wonderful fruit dessert for diabetics. It is a fruit cake that contains berries, kiwis, pineapple, etc.

Mixed fruit cakes are more satiating and nutritious for diabetics since they include many luscious fruits. One piece of this delicious cake contains only 29 grams of carbohydrates which is safe for a diabetic.

Moist carrot cake

moist carrot cake for diabetics - millenora

This cake is very easy to make. Its high protein and fiber content are enough to satisfy your sugar cravings while keeping blood sugar levels in check.

Keto pumpkin cheesecake

can diabetics eat keto pumpkin cheesecake - millenora

You truly can’t resist the orange richness of the keto pumpkin cheesecake. It is healthy for diabetics and can be prepared in twenty minutes if all materials are on hand.

Spice cake with frosting

can diabetics eat cheesecake - millenora

This dessert, with just 18 grams of carbohydrates, is created with fruits and vegetables rather than sugar and other sweetening agents. The finest part of this cake is the handmade cheese icing.

If you’re looking for a sweet cake for a diabetic, this is a great option. It appeals to the taste buds but keeps blood sugar in check.

Bundt cake

can diabetics eat cheesecake - millenora

If you’ve tasted a chocolate bundt cake before, you’ll agree that it is a delightful treat. It is low-carb and sugar-free, which is a huge difference for a diabetic.

Additionally, it takes around 40 minutes to an hour to prepare this cake from scratch. The beautiful, decadent chocolate coating tops the deliciousness. You can also try out other flavors.

Cocoa cupcakes

cocoa cupcakes for diabetics - millenora

A cocoa cupcake is another confection that is suitable for people with diabetes. These muffins perfectly satisfy your cravings and help you control your blood sugar level at the same time.

Cocoa powder is added to chocolate ganache ingredients and chocolate chips to make this deeply flavored cupcake. Instead of sugary syrup or jam, you might have some pure cream on top of it.

Keto marble cake

keto marble cake - millenora

The perfect combination of both chocolate and vanilla worlds is found in this marble cake. This makes it magnificent and delicious. It is also gluten-free and suitable for keto diets.

Keto marble cake uses less than ten ingredients and is ready in a little over an hour.


Can cheesecake raise your blood sugar?

If you eat cheesecakes in proportion, it should not raise your blood sugar levels.

However, cheesecake contains cheese which may raise your blood sugar, especially when you use cheeses that are high in calories.

Can diabetics eat cake and ice cream?

Yes, diabetics can eat cake and ice cream. Nevertheless, you must be careful to take them in little amounts and not too frequently.

How many carbs are in a keto cheesecake?

The amount of carbs in keto cheesecake depends on the recipe you use to make the cake.

How many carbs are in a sugar-free cheesecake?

One serving of sugar-free cheesecake has 110 calories, 15g of carbs, 4g of fat, and 6g of protein.

Is cheesecake better than chocolate cake for diabetics?

Yes, it is. Cheesecake has 30% fewer calories than chocolate mud cake but about the same calorie count as a frosted chocolate cake.

Additionally, compared to any type of chocolate cake, it offers 2-3 times more calcium, less sugar, and more protein.


What you eat as a diabetic is very important. And if you are not mindful, a little meal that seems harmless can trigger an attack.

Generally, diabetics are advised to stay off desserts. However, with proper caution, they may enjoy healthy desserts like cheesecake.

Low-carb, sugar-free cheesecake is the perfect cheesecake for diabetics. They can eat it without fear of experiencing a spike in blood sugar.

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