Cheerios Vs Oatmeal: Which Is Better?

Cheerios is a healthy cereal food option, but compared to oatmeal does it stand a chance?

The truth is that Cheerios has excellent fiber and protein content, but it also contains high sugar and carbs, which may be unhealthy. Oatmeal, on the other hand, contains more fiber and less sugar and carbs.

There are several other factors to consider when choosing the healthier option between Cheerios and oatmeal. Let’s delve into the nutritional components of the two cereal types to decide which one is a healthier option for you.

What are Cheerios?

Cheerios is an O-shaped cereal made from oats. It was launched into the market in 1941 by General Mills. The company has gone on to produce 16 extra flavors from inception.

The production process of Cheerios involves rolling oats into flattened circles and baking them to crispiness. Cheerios cereal is loved by many because it hardly gets soggy even when mixed with milk.

Cheerios cereal is available in different varieties. Some of these varieties are

  • Original Cheerios
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Multigrain Cheerio
  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerios
  • Frosted Cheerios
  • Fruity Cheerios
  • Oat Crunch Cinnamon Cheerios
  • Oat Crunch Oats ‘N Honey Cheerios
  • Oat Crunch Almond Cheerios

What is oatmeal?

Oatmeal is a porridge-like meal made with raw oats and water or milk. It is commonly eaten for breakfast but can also be eaten at any time of the day.

Oats are gluten-free whole grains rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and essential minerals. It is highly filling, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger and calorie intake.

This makes it a perfect weight-loss cereal. Eating oats regularly helps to lower LDL levels and prevent heart conditions.

Furthermore, oatmeal can either be plain or instant. Plain oatmeal is pure, unprocessed oatmeal that is low in sugar and high in fiber. Instant oatmeal has more sugar and is flavored.

Differences between Cheerios and oatmeal

Let’s compare the nutritional value, taste, and texture of Cheerios and oatmeal to determine which is better

1. Nutrition

Oatmeal is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and protein. The rich dietary fiber in oatmeal makes it helpful for weight loss. A single serving of plain oatmeal provides about 25% of the daily fiber needed.

Interestingly, oatmeal contains all of the 8 essential amino acids the body needs to function. Moreso, it has a high level of iron and magnesium.

Cheerios are also rich in dietary fiber but provide only about 15% of the daily value of fiber humans need. They contain a variety of minerals and vitamins but lack other essential nutrients.

2. Taste

One of the reasons why Cheerios seem to be a favorite cereal for many is because of its light and crisp taste. Flavored cheerios like Apple Cinnamon and Honey Nut are sweeter than Organic Whole-Grain Cheerios without artificial flavors.

However, the additional sweetness is due to the artificial flavor and unhealthy sugar in the cereal.

Oatmeal, on the other hand, tastes bland and earthy. This makes it easy for oatmeal to take on the flavor of whatever add-ons you use.

Adding nuts and fruits to your oatmeal cereal improves its flavor and makes it more enjoyable.

3. Texture

Cheerios are crispy and crunchy, and the cereal holds up well in liquid. Conversely, oatmeal has a soft, paper-like texture that gets soggy as soon as you mix it with milk.

4. Sugar content

When compared side by side in terms of sugar content, oatmeal is low in sugar. Plain oatmeal has only 0.6 grams of sugar while Organic Cheerios has 1.2 grams, two times more sugar than plain oats.

While instant oatmeal contains about 8 grams of sugar, Honey nut cheerios have about 12 grams of sugar content per serving.

5. Fat

Oatmeal is low in fat and helps to lower cholesterol levels in people with heart disease.

The amount of fat in oatmeal is about 3.5 grams for every 100 grams serving while Cheerios have a fat content of 10.6 grams for every 100 grams serving.

6. Antioxidants

Antioxidants protect the body cells against free radicals released in the body from smoke or food digestion. These may result in heart disease, cancer, and other related diseases.

Oats are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B1, and phosphorus which acts as antioxidants while Cheerios have them in little amounts.


Can you eat oatmeal every day?

No. Although oatmeal provides a lot of benefits, overconsumption can overturn the supposed health benefits.

Oatmeal is high in fiber. Too much fiber in the body can cause digestive distress such as constipation, gas, and bloating.

Can Cheerios be bad for you?

Yes. Cheerios contain a higher amount of sugar compared to oatmeal. An overconsumption of this cereal can spike sugar levels and increase your weight over time. 

Is oatmeal healthier than Cheerios?

Yes, it is. You may not find oatmeal as sweet as Cheerios but it is a healthier option. Oatmeal has a lower fat, sugar, and carbs content than Cheerios.

Also, oatmeal provides more protein, vitamins, and minerals.


Oatmeal and Cheerios are excellent cereal options to consider if you’re looking for healthy food options or looking to lose some weight.

However, oatmeal is the healthier option because of its less sugar and high fiber content.

Moreover, oatmeal provides the 8 essential amino acids, other important minerals, and vitamins you won’t get from Cheerios.

Cheerios also contain unhealthy sugars, artificial flavors, and preservatives which can cause a sugar spike.

It’s okay to replace your breakfast bowl of Cheerios with oatmeal. But, you must eat oatmeal in moderation because overconsumption can be unhealthy.

I hope this article helped. Thanks for reading.

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