Are Chicken Wings Healthy? Fried, Baked, Grilled, Organic, & BBQ [Benefits & Risks]

Chicken wings can be anything you want them to be. If you want healthy, yes, chicken wings can be healthy.

This implies that the nutritional value of chicken wings depends on some factors. How the chickens were raised and how they are prepared determines how healthy chicken wings are. It is a little surprising, right?

Chicken wings are common items on the menus of many restaurants. And everyone gladly enjoys away because they are tender, juicy, and crispy.

The health benefits of eating chicken wings may be the last thing on your mind right now. But you should know what you stand to gain, especially if they are fast becoming an addiction.

Are chicken wings healthy?

Yes, they are.

Chicken wings are rich in a lot of nutrients. They contain vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, B9, B12, D, E & K. They are also rich in minerals, proteins, and healthy fats.

What makes chicken wings healthy is how they are cooked and how they are raised. For instance, the wings from pasture-raised chickens are more nutritious than those of conventional chickens.

In addition, chicken wings tend to become high in cholesterol, sodium, and unhealthy fats. To avoid this, cook them with methods that do not add extra fat and sodium. Some of these methods are baking and air frying.

Also, skinless and traditional chicken wings are better choices if you want to eat healthy chicken wings.

Why should you eat chicken wings?

You should eat chicken wings because they are delicious.

Well, that is the first reason why everyone starts with one. The health benefits of eating chicken wings include:

  • They are rich in lots of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E & K) and minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium
  • Chicken wings are also rich in protein and may contain low fat depending on the method of preparation
  • Skinless and traditional chicken wings are low in calories
  • The rich amount of iron in chicken wings helps to increase hemoglobin levels and blood count
  • Eating chicken wings can also help build and repair cartilage and connective tissues
  • Also, it helps to build immunity
  • Eating chicken wings helps to strengthen your bones and build and maintain muscle mass
  • In addition, chicken wings are low in carbs. It is beneficial for people who want to reduce their carbs intake and regulate blood sugar

Can eating chicken wings be harmful?

Yes, it can.

As mentioned earlier, a major determining factor of healthy chicken wings is the method of preparation.

Chicken wings are naturally high in sodium and fat (because of the skin). Cooking them in oil, butter, & cholesterol and with a lot of spice increases the sodium and fat content, which makes them unhealthy.

Contrary to what you may think, boneless chicken wings and wings with crispy skin are also not healthy for you. These types of chicken wings are high in calories, fat, and sodium. And this meat can be very addictive.

Excess consumption of chicken wings can lead to obesity, water retention, heart diseases, inflammatory diseases, and diabetes. The best way to eat healthy chicken wings is to cook them in ways that reduce the sodium and fat content.

Are organic chicken wings healthy?

Yes, they are.

If you can’t do without chicken wings, you might want to go for the organic alternatives.

Organic chickens have a lower risk of getting salmonella. Moreover, they are low in sodium and contain more omega-3 fatty acids.

Are naturally-raised chicken wings healthy?

Yes, they are.

Wings from naturally-raised chicken are rich in healthy fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Are baked chicken wings healthy?

Yes, they are.

Baked chicken wings contain fewer calories and less fat than fried wings. It makes them a better option if you want to cut down on your calories and fat intake.

Moreover, you can make baked chicken wings healthier if you peel off the skins.

Are grilled chicken wings healthy?

Grilled chicken wings are very delicious and contain proteins, niacin, calcium, and phosphorus. However, they are not very healthy for you.

Grilling chicken wings loads them with sodium and lots of fat. Although they contain less fat and fewer calories than the fried alternatives, you should eat grilled wings in moderation.

Are fried chicken wings healthy?

Fried chicken wings are the least healthy of all the varieties.

Chicken wings are naturally high in sodium and fat. Frying them in oil or butter with spices and seasonings will increase the sodium and fat content.

Also, fried chicken wings contain more calories and cholesterol. Eating them without moderation will increase LDL cholesterol levels, leading to weight gain.

Are BBQ chicken wings healthy?

If you compare BBQ chicken wings to the fried alternatives, they are healthier. But not as healthy as the baked or grilled alternatives.

Although they are rich in protein and good for bodybuilding, they are high in calories and unhealthy fats. Additionally, BBQ wings contain high amounts of sodium which comes from both the chicken and BBQ sauce.

Eat BBQ chicken wings in moderation if you’ll like to lose weight and cut down on your sodium intake.

Are buffalo chicken wings healthy?

Yes, they are.

Buffalo chicken wings are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that support body functioning and boost immunity.

However, they have their downsides too. You will be surprised that one wing contains 165 calories, 14g fat, 5.4g saturated fat, 0.5g trans fat, 40mg cholesterol, and 284mg sodium.

Buffalo wings are also deep-fried and tossed in a sauce that contains high amounts of calories and fat. This is not something you want to give your body, especially your heart.

Are non-breaded chicken wings healthy?

Non-breaded chicken wings are less fatty and contain fewer calories than their breaded counterpart.

But they may raise LDL cholesterol levels if you eat them in large quantities.


Can you cook chicken wings in an air fryer?

Yes, you can.

Cooking chicken wings in an air fryer is a better way to cook them. Air fryer chicken wings are better alternatives if you want to avoid the fat and sodium that deep-fried chicken wings contain.

Moreover, bodybuilders and people looking to lose weight are advised to cook their chicken wings in an air fryer.

Are smoked chicken wings healthy?

Smoked chicken wings are healthy because they contain less cholesterol.

The smoking process burns off the fat and leaves the chicken lean. However, you should be careful with this method of cooking chicken wings. Smoked chicken wings contain carcinogens and high amounts of sodium, fat & calories.

Are chicken wings healthier than chicken thighs?

Chicken wings have more fat than chicken thighs.

The healthiest way to eat chicken cuts is to cook them without the skin and with methods that do not add extra fat or sodium.

Are chicken wings healthier than chicken breasts?

No, they are not.

Chicken breasts are the healthiest chicken cuts. They contain lean protein, are less fatty, and can help you lose weight.


Are chicken wings healthy? Yes, they are. Chicken wings are rich in vitamins A, B-vitamins, D, E & K. They also contain healthy fats, protein, a good amount of calories, and minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium & phosphorus.

In addition, the health benefits of chicken wings depend on whether they are boneless or not.

Also, remember that boneless chicken wings are not better than chicken wings with bones. While you’re looking to indulge yourself in a good meal, make a good choice.

Now that you know the benefits and risks of eating chicken wings, learn if it is safe to eat chicken wings every day.

Thanks for reading.