Are All Doritos Flavors Vegan? Vegans Need To See This

Doritos are highly indulgent but they are not 100% vegan. Therefore, you might want to stay off Doritos if you are eating vegan.

As a vegan, one of your greatest tasks would be finding a snack that suits your diet. Doritos are a common snack in American homes.

If you have been eating them before going vegan, I think you should do a cross-check. Continue reading to see if you should be eating Doritos as a vegan.

What are Doritos?

Doritos is a US-owned brand of fried, flavored tortilla chips produced by Frito-Lay. These chips are highly indulgent and are great snacks for a quick munch on the go or while you relax at home.

The essential ingredients in Doritos chips are ground corn, salt, and vegetable oil. Different flavors are added to the chips to create a wide range of flavor options.

Are Doritos chips vegan?

Not all Doritos are vegan. The different flavors added after the base ingredients either make the chips vegan or non-vegan.

Most Doritos are not fit for vegans because they contain dairy ingredients like whey protein, whey protein concentrate, lactose, buttermilk, skim milk, sour cream, cheese, butter, natural chicken flavor, bee extracts, and sodium caseinate.

If you’re new to Doritos but eating vegan, you should carefully examine the ingredients list for any ingredients of animal origin.

However, while some Doritos flavors are not for vegans, they are safe for vegetarians. You should know where your philosophy falls and avoid whatever will make you go against it.

Are Doritos vegan and dairy-free?

Not all Doritos are for vegans, so not all are dairy-free. Most of them contain milk or other dairy products, which makes them unfit for vegans.

Is Cool Ranch Doritos good for vegans?

Cool Ranch Doritos is one of the Doritos flavors that is not okay for vegans to eat. These Doritos contain dairy products like skim milk, whey protein, lactose, cheddar cheese, and buttermilk.

Is nacho Doritos good for vegans?

No, it is not.

If you’re eating vegan and you want some Doritos, nacho Doritos is not the pack for you. The chips contain romano cheese, cheddar cheese, skim milk, and some other dairy products.

Is cheese Doritos good for vegans?

Doritos made with cheese flavor are not okay for vegans. Cheese is a dairy product, so it is of animal origin.

Is sweet chili Doritos good for vegans?

Vegans can safely eat sweet chili Doritos without fear of anything. Moreover, all ingredients in these chips are screened and approved vegan friendly.

In addition, sweet chili Doritos have a certification from PETA affirming that they do not contain any animal-based ingredients.

Is BBQ Doritos good for vegans?

BBQ Doritos are not certified safe for vegans because they may contain trace amounts of any dairy products or food coloring of animal origin.

Are lightly salted Doritos good for vegans?

Lightly salted Doritos are safe for vegans to eat. The simple ingredients do not have an animal origin.

Are taco-flavored Doritos good for vegans?

Taco-flavored Doritos contain whey, whey protein concentrate, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, and sour cream. Therefore, they are not vegan.

Are simply organic spicy white cheddar Doritos chips vegan?

Simply organic spicy white cheddar Doritos are not for vegans.

These tortilla chips contain organic sweet cream, buttermilk, whey, skim milk, romano cheese, and cheddar cheese which are of animal origin.

In essence, if you’re eating vegan, this is not the Doritos you should be eating.

Is poppin’ jalapeno Doritos good for vegans?

No, it is not.

Poppin’ jalapeno Doritos contain milk-based ingredients like whey protein, romano cheese, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, lactose, and skim milk.

These ingredients are of animal origin. Eating these chips will be going against the philosophy of a vegan.

Vegan alternatives for Doritos

  • Beanitos chips
  • Eat real lentil sea salt chips
  • Proper chips
  • Emily apple crisp
  • Tostitos
  • Fritos original corn chips
  • Fritos lightly salted corn chips
  • BBQ pringles
  • Original sun chips

Homemade Doritos recipe for vegans

This recipe makes up to a hundred Doritos chips.


  • 12 corn tortillas
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Seasoning


  • Preheat the oven to 350F
  • Then, take a baking sheet and line it with parchment paper
  • Stack the tortillas and cut them into eight triangular slices
  • Transfer the tortilla slices into a clean bowl and generously drizzle the oil over the slices
  • Then, sprinkle the seasoning over the oily tortilla slices
  • Afterward, transfer the coated tortilla to the baking sheet and bake for up to 15 minutes
  • Halfway through baking, turn the pan so that the entire chips bake evenly
  • When they begin to brown, turn off the heat and bring out your homemade Doritos chips
  • Allow them to cool down completely and serve

Why should you eat vegan Doritos?

Eating vegan Doritos can help lower cholesterol levels. As a result, it helps reduce your risk of getting heart problems. Moreover, vegan Doritos can help lower your risk of diabetes mellitus type 2.


Is Doritos bad for you?

Overconsumption of Doritos can be bad for your health.

Doritos are high in calories, trans fat, and sodium. These chips are processed foods that can increase free radicals in the body.

Is the original Doritos vegan?

Cool original Doritos are not vegan. These chips contain milk and are not fit for a vegan diet.

Is salsa verde Doritos vegan?

You shouldn’t be eating salsa verde Doritos if you are eating vegan.

These Doritos contain natural and artificial flavors, which include natural chicken flavor.

Is blaze Doritos vegan?

Yes, blaze Doritos are PETA-certified and safe for vegans to eat.

So, if you’re eating vegan, you can grab a pack of blaze Doritos to snack on.


Doritos are a tasty snack, but not all flavors are safe for vegans. Thoroughly check and confirm the Doritos flavor you want to eat is vegan.

Carefully examine the ingredients list for anything that is not good for your vegan diet.

Better still, look for other snacks that are just as tasty as Doritos and are 100% fit for vegans.

Thanks for reading.

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