What Temp Is Low, Medium, And High Heat Settings On A Stove?

How do you relate the temp your recipe requires with the low, medium, and high heat settings on your stove?

Perhaps your recipe demands that you cook on medium-high heat. These heat settings may sound confusing, but you can surely get a hang of them.

Furthermore, you can cook your food in different ways at any of these temperatures, according to your recipe.

Sometimes, it’s just an ingredient in your recipe you need to cook on a particular heat setting or temperature, meat, and greens, for instance.

So, you don’t have to be caught up in a puzzle. You just have to know the temp values of low, high, and medium heat settings and what number they’ll likely read if your stove is numbered. 

What temperature is low heat on a stove?

Low heat is the lowest heat level your stove can get it. Fortunately, every stove indicates that with at least a thin mark.

The temperature range for the low heat setting is between 200°F to 300°F. On some stoves, it is indicated by any of the numbers 1, 2, or maybe 3, depending on your type of stove.

In addition, the low heat setting is used for meals that require slow cooking. Also, this setting is your best option for simmering sauces, stews, soups, and braises.

If you like to poach eggs, fish, chicken, and fruits, you can use the low heat setting.

One more thing to note with a low setting is that you can get busy with something else while cooking. However, if you’re not very cautious, your meal may end up too soft.

What temperature is medium heat on a stove?

The temperature for medium heat falls between 300°F to 400°F.

You may either find a medium mark on your stove or you will have to turn the knob yourself to the middle.

For a numbered stove, medium heat stands at 3/4 if the numbers range from 1 to 5/6. If the numbers on the stove range from 1-9, it’ll stand at 5.

This heat setting is the best heat level for cooking vegetables, chicken, or pancakes. You can also use this heat setting for meals you need to cook until they are tender, but you don’t want them too soft either.

Additionally, this temperature is perfect for frying meat and making omelets, scrambled eggs, and quesadillas.

Remember that you can’t be too far from the pot if you’re cooking on medium heat. You’ll need to make some adjustments such as raising or lowering the heat.

What temperature is high heat on a stove?

Just like the low heat setting, high heat is commonly indicated on stoves. The bold mark on your stove signifies high heat.

The temperature range for high heat is 500°F to 650°F. However, it could be higher than this, which isn’t very common and ideal.

This heat setting is perfect when you need to boil water for pasta, steaming, or blanching greens. Sometimes, it is necessary at the beginning if you’re slow cooking a meal. Start at high heat before you reduce it to simmer.

On a stove with numbers, the number 9 or 6 is the setting for high heat on a 9-numbered or 6-numbered stove respectively.

What temperature is medium-high heat on a stove?

Medium-high lies between medium and high heat. If you need to cook at medium-high heat, the temperature will be between 400°F to 450°F.

Cooking at this temperature helps cook food quickly and keeps the meal from getting burned. Medium-high heat is perfect for browning, frying, and sautéing.

This is the ideal setting if you want to get the oil hot without smoking. If the numbers on your stove range from 1 to 9, medium heat will likely stand at 7 or 8. On the other hand, it’ll be at 4 or 5 on a six-numbered stove.

What temperature is medium-low heat on a stove?

The temperature range for medium-low falls between 250°F and 324°F.

Like low heat, medium-low allows you to cook for a long period without ending up with a burned dish.

On a 9-numbered stove, medium-low falls between 3 and 4. On a six-numbered stove, medium-low falls between 2 and 3.

In addition, this is a perfect heat setting for simmering and recipes that call for slow cooking. But you may have to make adjustments in between cooking because both medium-low and medium-high are not ideal settings.

In these settings, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of guessing.


How do you cook a recipe that requires different levels of heat?

If your recipe requires different levels of heat at different times, the best thing to do is to follow the rules.

Also, know how your stove works and master it. If you know all these, it’ll be easy to make the switch when it calls for it.

At what temperature can you simmer on an electric stove?

The simmering temperature is between 180°F to 205°F. The temperature falls somewhere around low and medium-low heat settings.

How can you slow cook on a stovetop?

The first thing to do if you want to slow cook on a stovetop is to bring your dish to a boil.

Afterward, reduce the heat setting to the lowest. Cover the pot and leave it to cook. Most importantly, you should be doing this in a stockpot.


The temperature at which you cook your food matters a lot. You need heat to make some foods edible. You need heat to bring out the flavor and also to kill microorganisms, remove sourness from some greens, and preserve food.

More so, you’ll end up with a perfect dish if you follow the instructions in your recipe to the letter. This includes the heat setting.

If your recipe demands that your stove setting is on low, medium, high heat, or a certain temp, do so. Different ingredients require different levels of tenderness, and they do not all get done at the same time.

If you understand how your stove works, it’ll be easy to apply any of the low, medium, or high settings to achieve a certain temp.

Thanks for reading.

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