Does Soy Milk Increase Breast Size? Here’s The Truth

Soy milk is one of those foods that has its share of misconceptions. I believe you have heard that soy milk can increase breast size.

Truthfully, some women are indeed going after soy milk to achieve a larger breast size. But is this true? Does soy milk affect breast size?

Soy milk is a nutritious milky beverage gotten from soybeans. It is preferred over dairy milk because of its low calorie and fat content.

Moreover, it is a better option for vegans and people with lactose intolerance. But some people hope to reap more benefits from this plant-based milk.

Does soy milk increase breast size?

No, it does not.

Soy milk cannot in any way influence breast size. Although it contains plant-based estrogens (phytoestrogens) that have a similar chemical structure to human estrogen, they do not influence breast size.

Is soy milk good for breastfeeding mothers?

Yes, it is. Soy milk is highly nutritious and more tolerable for breastfeeding mothers who are allergic to cow milk protein.

In addition, drinking soy milk can help increase the milk supply of breastfeeding mothers.

What foods can increase breast size?

Clinically, no food can increase breast size.

But if you eat foods that speed up the absorption of estrogen and progesterone, you may be able to increase your breast cup size. Some of these foods include:

  • Dairy products like cheese and yogurt
  • Chicken and lean meats
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Seafood
  • Leafy greens
  • Fruits like apples, cherries, and berries
  • Red lentils
  • Healthy oils
  • Whole grains

Can exercise help to increase breast size?

Exercising does not directly affect breast size.

Exercising regularly can only help to strengthen the muscles around the breasts and enhance their appearance.


Is it possible to increase breast size?

No, it isn’t. There is no proven way to increase the size of your breast except through surgical procedures.

Can soy milk increase male breast size?

No, soy milk does not increase male breast size.

Is soy milk good for babies?

Yes, it is. As long as your baby can drink milk, it is safe to give them soy milk. Soy milk is a safer option for babies that cannot tolerate dairy milk.


Drinking soy milk cannot increase your breast size. The breasts are body organs that grow naturally with age and the influence of genetics.

No scientific or clinical proof shows that eating any food can help increase your breast size.

I hope you found this article resourceful.

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