Is Summer Sausage Healthy? Benefits, Warnings & Best Brands

Summer Sausage has a long shelf life and requires no refrigeration for storage, but is summer sausage healthy for you?

Summer sausage is healthy for you. However, ration sizes matter as excess intake has been linked to several health conditions. Some of these health conditions include; cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

In this article, I will discuss summer sausage, why it is called so, what it tastes like, and the risk asserted to eating summer sausage in excess.

What is summer sausage?

Summer sausage or ham is a hard-dried sausage made of beef and pork. It is similar to salami but can be kept without refrigerating.

The name, summer sausage, came about because of its strong resistance to spoiling. You do not have to refrigerate this sausage even during summer when every other type is exposed to spoilage, hence the name “summer sausage.”

Summer sausage has a salty, tangy, and smoky taste. Its taste is similar to that of salami, although a bit dryer because of the lactic acid fermentation.

Is summer sausage healthy?

Overall, summer sausage is not a very healthy meat product. As delicious as it tastes, it is a blend of processed meat and lots of salt. But, if you eat it in moderation, you might enjoy benefits such as:

1. A good dose of protein

One serving of summer sausage provides about 13g of protein. Protein is essential for maintaining, building, and repairing lean muscle mass and improving tissue health.

2. Blood formation

The iron and Vitamin B12 in summer sausage are essential for the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin.

3. Immunity boost

Summer sausage contains a good amount of selenium. Reports show that consuming selenium-rich food boosts thyroid health and the immune system.

Side effects of eating summer sausages

Overconsumption of summer sausages can cause several health conditions. Some of the side effects of eating summer sausage regularly include:

1. Increased risk of heart disease

According to the US Department of Agriculture, excess intake of summer sausage causes various heart diseases. These heart diseases are a result of an excess buildup of nitrates from salt.

Also, diseases like cardiovascular disease and even cancer occur when you consume summer sausage regularly.

2. Increased risk of high blood pressure

Summer sausage is loaded with sodium, and excess intake of sodium can do major damage to your health. Cleveland Clinic warns against excess sodium intake which can lead to high blood pressure.

3. Risk of stroke

The saturated fat present in a summer sausage is about 13g, and this is quite a lot. Not only does it lead to weight gain, but it can also increase your cholesterol level and may result in a stroke.

What are the best brands of summer sausage?

If you are going to eat summer sausage occasionally, you should get the best quality. Below are some of the best brands and why they are preferable.

1. Stonie’s summer sausage

stonie's summer sausage - millenora

This is one of the best brands available in the United States. Stonie’s summer sausage is highly regarded because it is made from natural ingredients which makes it very healthy and gluten-free.

Also, it can give you a good taste at room temperature.

2. Hunters reserve – taste of the wild summer sausages

hunters reserve sausage - millenora

This brand is specifically known for its high level of protein and is also gluten-, MSG- (monosodium glutamate), and nitrite-free.

3. Hickory farmhouse summer sausage

hickory farms summer sausage - millenora

This brand is known to have premium-quality meat. This meat is low in carbohydrates and contains a fair amount of protein.

Hickory Farms summer sausage is also keto-friendly and keeps well at room temperature also.


Do you need to refrigerate your summer sausage?

No, you don’t. This product requires no refrigeration until it is opened.

What is the best way to enjoy summer sausage?

You can eat it raw, or you can serve it with cheese and crackers.

Where does summer sausage originate from?

This product originates from Germany.

Which food can you pair summer sausage with?

There are many dishes you can pair with summer sausage. Some of these dishes include bread, potatoes, chips, and cheese.


If eaten in moderation, summer sausage can be quite healthy for you. However, the side effects outweigh the benefits. So, occasional consumption is the way to go.

If you must add these sausages to your meals, go for the suggested brands in the article.

Thanks for reading.

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