3 Ways To Store Crumbl Cookies: Factors To Consider And Best Practices

Crumbl Cookies not only have a reputation for serving freshly baked cookies in a variety of unique flavors, but their cookies also have a good shelf life. Most Crumbl Cookies customers love to buy in large quantities and store them for days.

Knowing how to store the cookies properly helps to keep them fresh and delicious, with their thick gooey centers and crispy edges intact. Not many people know they can store Crumbl cookies for days and retain their delicious flavors.

If you also didn’t know, you’ve got a lot to learn here. This article lists the different ways you can store Crumbl cookies without losing their precious crisp.

About Crumbl Cookies

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Crumbl Cookies is a popular cookie shop that launched in 2017. Since then, they have produced and sold over 200 unique flavors, including their famous milk chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie.

In 2018, they began the concept of a 4-flavor weekly rotation, giving customers an exciting experience of six flavors each week. New flavors are being developed and added to the list. These new flavors are inspired by different foods, desserts, and popular flavors.

Crumbl Cookies delight in giving their customers the experience of seeing their cookies mixed, balled, and baked in real time.

Some Crumbl cookie flavors are semi-sweet chocolate chunk, ultimate peanut butter, chocolate crumb, confetti cake, pumpkin pie, cookie dough, maple bacon, dark dream, chocolate green mint, and cinnamon swirl.

Do Crumbl cookies go bad fast?

No, Crumbl cookies have a long shelf life, except they are made with highly perishable toppings. Crumbl cookies can last three days at room temperature if kept in an airtight container.

Factors to consider when storing Crumbl cookies

The type of cookie

Crumbl sells chilled and warm cookies. If you bought chilled cookies, refrigerate them immediately to preserve their texture and taste. Warm cookies, on the other hand, can sit at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

Temperature and humidity

Room temperature should be between 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C), and humidity should be 60% or lower.

If you are refrigerating Crumbl cookies, the temperature should be 40°F (4°C) or lower, and humidity should be 60% or lower. The ideal temperature for freezing Crumbl cookies is 0°F (-18°C), and humidity should be 0%.

Storage containers

The right storage container is crucial to maintaining freshness and preventing cookies from becoming stale. Cookie containers are available in tin, plastic, glass, and zip-top bag forms.

Tin containers are more secure and airtight. They keep moisture out and keep the cookies fresh. The best cookie tin containers have silicone or rubber gaskets around their lids.

Plastic containers also have airtight lids. When buying food storage plastic containers, get food-grade plastic containers.

Glass jars have airtight lids. Their see-through appearance makes the cookies aesthetically appealing when you use them for room-temperature storage. Just ensure that the lid of your jars has a rubber or silicone ring for an airtight seal.

Wrapping methods

When wrapping Crumbl cookies, wrap them tightly to prevent air from getting to the cookies. Here are different ways to wrap your cookies to retain their freshness and crispness.


If you do not want to remove the frosting from the cookies, wrap them individually to preserve the frosting or decoration. Wrap each cookie tightly with plastic wrap or wax paper and flash freeze before you freeze them in a large plastic container.  

Wrapping multiple cookies

This method is good for storing cookies of different flavors. Each cookie is separated with a sheet of wax paper to prevent them from sticking together. Stacking allows you to store a large batch of cookies in one place and maximize space in the refrigerator.

With tin foil

Aluminum tin foil is a good wax paper or plastic wrap substitute. If you know how to use foils well, you can make them airtight and securely sealed to preserve the texture and taste of your cookies.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags can take a lot of cookies at a time and help you maximize space in the refrigerator or freezer. However, to use this packing method, you must be sure that you are not handling delicate Crumbl cookies.

If the cookies have frosting or decoration, arrange them in a single layer and lay the bag flat in the refrigerator. If they are Crumbl cookies without frosting, you can just throw the cookies into the bag and refrigerate or freeze them.

How to store Crumbl cookies

At room temperature

Room temperature is the best way to store Crumbl cookies without frosting. While you may also store cookies with frosting at room temperature, it is not always fruitful. The frosting may get ruined, and some frostings do not keep well and long at room temperature.

If you are storing cookies with frosting, carefully arrange them in a single layer in a plastic container and keep the container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat.

If the cookies do not have any frosting, you can just throw them into a ziplock bag and keep the bag in a dry place.

Crumbl cookies can stay at room temperature for three days as long you do not keep them close to water or in a humid environment.  

In the refrigerator

The refrigerator is a good place to store Crumbl cookies with frosting. It is also a good place to keep unfrosted cookies if you want to keep them longer. Crumbl cookies can stay fresh for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

When keeping Crumbl cookies in the refrigerator, use an airtight container instead of a ziplock bag. The cookies will easily get smashed in a ziplock bag if there isn’t so much space in the refrigerator.

Keep the container of cookies on the top rack of the refrigerator, where it is the coldest.

In the freezer

The freezer is the best place to store any freezable item long-term. Crumbl cookies will last months in the freezer without losing their crunch. The drawback of this storage method is that it is time-consuming. However, if you can look past this, you will appreciate this method.

Gather the leftover cookies together. Wrap each cookie with plastic wrap and flash freeze for one to two hours.

Afterward, put the wrapped cookies in a large freezer bag or an airtight container. Double-proof with aluminum foil and label the bag with the date of storage before you keep it in the freezer.

How to thaw frozen Crumbl cookies

You can thaw frozen Crumbl cookies using any of the following methods:

Room temperature

Take the bag of frozen cookies from the freezer and wrap each. Carefully place them in a bowl or plate, ensuring no cookie is on top of another. Leave them to come to room temperature before you re-frost or decorate them.


If you cannot wait for your cookies to come to room temperature and you want them warm, use the microwave method. Unwrap the cookies, put them in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat them for ten seconds or until they are warm.


The oven method is another way you can quickly thaw frozen cookies. Preheat the oven to 300°F (149°C) and bake them for five to ten minutes. The oven gets the cookies completely defrosted, ready to eat, and still crunchy.


If you want your Crumbl cookies with frosting to thaw perfectly, leave them to defrost overnight in the refrigerator.

Take the cookies out of the freezer and place them in the refrigerator without unwrapping them. By morning, both the cookies and frosting will be sitting perfectly.

How do you know Crumbl cookies have gone bad?

You can tell your Crumbl cookies have gone bad by their texture, smell, and taste (if you take a tiny bit).

You can tell that your cookies have gone bad when they are now hard instead of soft and dry. Also, mold growth, an off smell, and taste are other signs of spoilage you should look out for.

While the storage methods listed above are effective, always examine your cookies for any of these signs of spoilage before you eat them.

Best practices for storing Crumbl cookies

  • Ensure the cookies cool completely before you store them at room temperature or in a refrigerator or freezer
  • Store cookies according to the instructions on the pack (if there are any)
  • Do not store Crumbl cookies in the Crumbl box or container they came in. These containers or boxes cannot keep the cookies fresh beyond day one. They are made for one-time use
  • When storing Crumbl cookies at room temperature, add a few slices of bread or apple to preserve their moisture
  • When storing your cookies in the refrigerator or freezer, keep them away from raw meat and foods with strong aromas such as veggies, fruits, onions, ginger, garlic, or any other open condiments. Cookies easily absorb smells and if they do, they will go bad easily
  • Store Crumbl cookies in clean containers
  • Glass containers are the best for airtight storage. Moreover, they are see-through and will allow you to easily inspect what is going on with your cookies
  • Separate multiple layers of Crumbl cookies with wax paper to prevent them from sticking together and ruining their shapes
  • Store cookies with different flavors separately. Otherwise, one cookie will transfer its flavors to the other and alter its taste


Can you vacuum seal Crumbl cookies?

Yes, you can. Vacuum sealing is an effective method of sealing food items to keep air out, prevent oxidation, and maintain their good texture and taste. If you have a vacuum sealer at home, you can use it to preserve your Crumbl cookies.

Are Crumbl cookies the same in every location?

Crumbl cookies cookie shop has 200+ unique flavors. The fixed flavors, milk chocolate chip, and chilled sugar cookie, are available every day in all locations. The four others are rotated every week.

This means the four flavors you get in one location will most likely differ from those in another store.

Can you refreeze Crumbl cookies?

You shouldn’t refreeze Crumbl cookies. Only thaw what you are ready to eat and return the frozen pack to the freezer. Thawing and refreezing cookies negatively imparts the texture and flavor and makes them unappetizing.

How can you revive stale Crumbl cookies?

You can microwave the cookies for 30-45 seconds or until they are warm. You can also heat them for 5 minutes in a preheated oven or over low heat in a covered pan.

All these methods are effective but heating cookies in a microwave can make them soggy instead of crumbly.

Before you use any of the above methods, scrape off the frosting and decorations on the cookies and set them aside. Re-frost and decorate after they have cooled.


Crumbl cookies are best enjoyed freshly baked, but if you know how to, you can preserve their delicious and indulging crispiness for days.

You can store them at room temperature or in the refrigerator or freezer. Freezing is the best way to store Crumbl cookies long-term.

For any storage method you use, know that your cookies are only as good as how much caution you follow. Remember to label bags or containers of cookies so you do not store them longer than necessary and lose what you were preserving.

More on food storage and preservation: see the best ways to store baked, unbaked, and store-bought croissants.

Thanks for reading.