How To Remove Seeds From Grapes Without Squashing Them

Are you trying to make homemade jam with your grapes but don’t know how to extract the seeds? Here’s a quick and complete guide on how to remove seeds from grapes.

Everyone knows that grapes are soft and luscious, with tiny seeds hidden between the cores of the fruits. However, because these grapes are very tender, removing the seeds is not very easy.

If the seed of a grape is not carefully removed, the entire fruit may squash, which is why you must learn the art of deseeding.

As a result, this article will cover a simple method for removing grape seeds, why it is necessary to remove them, and much more.

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How to remove seeds from grapes

Recently, more varieties of seedless grapes are widely available at grocery stores and fruit markets. Nonetheless, because they are more commonly purchased, you will mostly find grapes with seeds in them.

Not to worry. Here are different and simple ways to get rid of them.

  • Use a paper clip. With the aid of a paper clip, you can remove the seeds from grapes. Open the paper clip and insert the narrow end at the grape’s stalk. Afterward, twist it to poke the seeds out.
  • Make use of a small knife. A knife is a great tool you can use to remove seeds from grapes. To do this, cut the grapes in half, then use the tip of the knife to flick out the seeds.
  • Scoop with a tiny spoon. Use a tiny steel spoon to break the grapes from the middle. This will expose the grape seeds and you can take them out with a spoon.
  • Sieve the seeds. Cook your grapes for a short time to soften them. When they are soft enough and cool to touch, push the grapes through a coarse sieve. However, this method should be used if you want to make jam or jelly.
  • The seeds can also be physically taken out using a de-seeding tool.

Can you eat grapes that have seeds?

Grapes with seeds are edible and taste just as good as seedless grapes.

They might not be the most mouthwatering, but grape seeds are safe to eat. It’s safe to chew and swallow them. You can spit them out if you don’t find them appealing.

According to Healthline, eating grapes seeds can be beneficial to your health. They are rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids. These antioxidants protect the body from inflammation and oxidative stress.

Can you blend grapes with the seeds?

Yes, you can. However, proceed with caution. That is because some seeds have a mildly bitter flavor that can ruin the grape mixture.

Additionally, leftover grape seeds may build up in the strainer, preventing proper liquid flow.

What is the fastest way to remove seeds from grapes?

One of the fastest ways is to use a straw.

To do this, insert a straw into the slit where the grape was detached from the bunch. Push the straw to the other side by gently twisting it.

Then peel the grape’s skin from the base to the stem side while keeping the straw inserted. With this in place, you can easily remove the seed because it is firmly in place within the straw.

Why is it important to take out seeds from grapes?

You don’t need to remove the grape’s seed because the seed is just as good and perhaps even more advantageous to the seedless varieties.

But if you want to make juice, jelly, jam, or anything else in this category, you must remove the seeds to guarantee a good flavor.

Are seeded grapes healthier than seedless grapes?

Grapes with seeds are slightly healthier because the seeds are high in healthy fats. Seedless grapes, on the other hand, are more convenient and tasty.


Can you freeze seeded grapes?

Yes, you can.

You can freeze seeded grapes, but frozen seedless grapes are better if you want to eat them as a quick snack.

However, if you plan to snack on seeded grapes, remove the seeds before freezing them because it wouldn’t be a good idea to bite into a frozen seed.

Why do they sell seeded grapes?

Grapes with seeds are prevalent and easy to find; many people prefer to remove the seeds themselves.

Furthermore, the fruit still contains just as much nutrition, whether or not it has seeds. These grapes offer an additional benefit that comes with eating the seed.

Why do seedless grapes not have seeds?

Grapes with no seeds were initially a result of a natural mutation that stopped young seeds from fully developing and forming a hard coat.

But, some seedless varieties occasionally produce a small number of seeds, allowing for the crossbreeding of new varieties.


With grapes, you can make just about anything, including juice, jam, jelly, smoothies, and fillings. Therefore, you need to be able to deseed the fruits correctly.

Use any of the methods mentioned in the article to remove the seeds from your grapes.

Keep in mind that while these methods are meant to ensure that you do not crush the flesh and seeds together, you must handle the grapes carefully because they are tender.

Finally, be aware that eating grapes with seeds is completely safe. The nutritional value of your grapes increases when you eat them with the seeds.

Thanks for reading. Learn further with this article on the classification of grapes if you don’t know what they classify as.