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You bought a box of sugar but your recipe calls for cups of sugar. How do you know how many cups of powdered sugar are in the box? Cooking incorporates science and art to get your recipes right.

The importance of using the right measurements in your recipe cannot be overlooked. And assumptions will not always work.

For instance, one cup of water weighs eight ounces, but this doesn’t apply to every other liquid and solid. I believe you know this means that getting adequate information should be at the top of your recipe.

Moreover, sugar is a very important part of many recipes, but it’s not one of those ingredients you want to go overboard with.

This article contains the necessary information you need on sugar measurements.

What is powdered sugar?

Powdered sugar, confectioner’s sugar, and icing sugar are different terms that describe sugar used for decorative and dusting purposes when baking.

Powdered sugar is the preferred form of sugar for baked goods. It gives your dish a perfect snowfall appearance. It is a powdery, light, and fluffy sugar that has been processed with cornstarch so it’s not clumpy.

Bakers prefer powdered sugar because it dissolves quickly and mixes well with almost anything. Moreover, it soft and denser baked goods.

In addition, this sugar is what gives frostings, icings, fudges, glazes, ice creams, and cakes the enjoyable melt-in-your-mouth effect.

What does a box of powdered sugar weigh?

A box of powdered sugar weighs one pound or 16 ounces.

How many cups are in a box of powdered sugar?

A box of powdered sugar holds 4½ cups of sugar.

But this may be different if you’re working with unsifted powdered sugar. A pound of unsifted powdered sugar holds 3½ to 4 cups of sugar.

How many cups are in 2 lb of powdered sugar?

Two pounds or 2 lb of powdered sugar holds 32 ounces of sugar which equals approximately 8 cups.

How many grams are in 1 cup of powdered sugar?

1 cup of powdered sugar weighs between 120 grams to 130 grams.

How to measure powdered sugar

  • If your recipe requires that you use sifted sugar, the first thing to do is to sift the sugar with a dry sifter. Sifting powdered sugar helps to remove lumps and gives you a better texture
  • Hold the sifter over a dry bowl and sift gently
  • Afterward, heap the sugar into a dry measuring cup but do not compress it
  • Then, level the heap with the back of a knife until it is the same level as the cup
  • Once you have a leveled cup of sugar, turn it into the mixing bowl


How many cups are in ¾ pound of powdered sugar?

¾ pound of powdered sugar holds 2.7 to 3 cups.

Can you substitute powdered sugar with granulated sugar?

You can substitute powdered sugar with granulated sugar. Replace 1¾ cup of powdered sugar with 1 cup of granulated sugar.

However, granulated sugar leaves air pockets in your baked goods and does not make them soft and dense. Icing, in particular, does not come out smooth with granulated sugar.

Do you measure powdered sugar and granulated sugar the same way?

Yes, you can measure powdered and granulated sugar with the same measuring cup. Then, use a knife to level off the edges to keep them as flat as the top of the cup.


If you don’t employ much mathematics when using other cooking methods, you won’t escape it when baking.

And some measurements you think are standard do not always apply to all ingredients, even when they are in the same form.

The right information is a major ingredient in any recipe. Ingredients like salt, sugar, and pepper do not need assumptions. Have the correct measurements and work with them, then you will have a perfect dish.

Also, it would help if you knew how to melt sugar and how to use it for baked goods.

Thanks for reading.