How Many Cups in 6 – 12 lbs Of Rice?

Whether you are buying in bulk or you just want to serve your curiosity, you must several how many cups make several pounds (lbs) of rice.

Yes, pounds of rice can be measured in cups. Whether you want to plan your food for the week or month, want to get ready for a party, or just to understand the classic recipe instructions, you need to know these measurements.

Well, do not worry; I will be delving into how many cups you will find in 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 pounds (lbs) of rice.

What is the pound (Mass)?

Getting its short form lbs from its predecessor, the Roman Libra, the pound is a unit of weight that measures mass and property.

It should, however, not be confused with the Pound-force, which measures the gravitational force on a pound mass.

The pound is legally defined as 453.59237 grams (g) and 16 ounces to 1 pound respectively.

It also falls under the international avoirdupois weight, which also includes ounces and grams. That’s why the measurement is also called pound avoirdupois.

The pound is used by the British and United States Customary Units as part of its imperial and standard unit of measurement.

Additionally, it became a customary weight recognized by the United States and the Common of Nations in 1958.

Rice cup

The sizes of cups differ. However, the size of cups that come with rice cookers is usually similar. A standard rice cup weighs about 240 milliliters or 200g for uncooked rice.

Also, some rice cups have measurement indicators on them. It makes it easier to calculate what goes into your cooker.

Measuring with rice cups makes serving and preparing rice portions easier. One cup of rice can serve two people depending on the portions each will eat.

This is why it is essential to know the weight or equivalent of rice cups in standard measurements.

How many cups in 6 lbs of rice?

Rice Cups (rounded up)
White long rice15
White medium rice14
White short-round rice14
Brown rice14
Basmati rice14
Jasmine rice15

How many cups in 7 lbs of rice?

Rice Cups (rounded up)
White long rice17
White medium rice16
White short-round rice16
Brown rice17
Basmati rice16
Jasmine rice17

How many cups in 8 lbs of rice?

Rice Cups (rounded up)
White long rice20
White medium rice19
White short-round rice18
Brown rice19
Basmati rice19
Jasmine rice20

How many cups in 9 lbs of rice?

Rice Cups (rounded up)
White long rice22
White medium rice21
White short-round rice20
Brown rice21
Basmati rice21
Jasmine rice22

How many cups in 10 lbs of rice?

Rice Cups (rounded up)
White long rice25
White medium rice23
White short-round rice23
Brown rice24
Basmati rice23
Jasmine rice25

How many cups in 12 lbs of rice?

Rice Cups (rounded up)
White long rice29
White medium rice28
White short-round rice27
Brown rice29
Basmati rice28
Jasmine rice29

Why do you need to measure your rice?

You need to measure your rice to help in precision cooking. Knowing how many cups you can get from any bag of rice will help you know how many times you can cook that bag of rice.

Besides this, you know how many servings you have in a cup, then in a rice bag.


Are rice grains only measured in lbs?

You can measure rice grains in grams, kilograms, and ounces too. Pound mass is one of the international avoirdupois weights that measure mass and property.

Can you use pound-force to weigh rice?

No, you cannot. Pound force (lbf) measures the gravitational force applied to a mass. It does not measure mass itself.

Does uncooked rice have the same measurement after cooking?

No, they do not. Uncooked rice does not weigh the same thing as when cooked. The measurement might be higher or lower depending on the type of rice and how you place the cooked rice.

One pound of rice can feed how many people?

About five people. One pound of rice equals 2.45 in standard cup measurement, which should feed about five people in normal-sized portions.


Any rice meal starts with knowing how many cups you need from bags of rice. It makes buying rice and measuring how much you have left easier too.

Furthermore, you cannot be an expert in cooking if you don’t know what makes what (well, that is why you are reading this article).

Nonetheless, it is easy to convert pounds to cups if you know the starting point; one pound equals 2.5 cups of rice.

If you know this, you can easily guess how many cups are in different pounds of rice.

Thanks for reading.

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