How Long Is Quiche Good For In And Out Of The Fridge?

Quiche is a popular dish in homes. It is a perfect dish for holidays and special occasions. There’s almost no quiche feast without leftovers. And this dish is too delicious to throw away. How long is quiche good for in the fridge?

Quiche will remain edible for only roughly three to five days if you preserve it properly. If you refrigerate and freeze food a lot, you’ll agree that leftovers always come in handy, especially for lunch or late-night dinner.

In this article, I will share storage tips with you and how to tell if quiche has gone bad and is no longer safe for consumption.

What is quiche?

A quiche is an open-crust pastry dish. It is baked with egg custard and other tasty ingredients like bacon or cheese.

It is a popular and classic brunch dish often served chilled or at room temperature. Serving quiche cold gives the custard enough time to set in.

Quiche is also quite easy to prepare. You can use savory and traditional ingredients from Swiss or Gruyere cheese to sweet whipping creams (which are more contemporary).

The most popular quiche type is quiche lorraine, which simply has bacon. However, people often add cheese to it. Today’s quiche lorraine consists of egg custard mixed with bacon, Gruyere cheese, and nutmeg (optional).

Julia Child, a well-known baker, is credited with popularizing the quiche lorraine in the US. Cooking enthusiasts considered her cookbooks on French cuisine to be essential. She used cheese in her quiche lorraine recipe instead of bacon.

Other less-dramatic types of quiche, like quiche alsacienne, have onions. Meanwhile, others can have broccoli, cheddar cheese, ham, cheese, and mushrooms. Green onions, sweet or chili peppers, goat cheese, or fish are also recent additions to the meal.

How long is quiche good for in the fridge?

Quiche is good in the fridge for 3-5 days. However, that’s after baking. Leave the quiche to chill within the first two hours out of the oven. If you exceed the two-hour window, the quiche might lose its flavor or quality.

According to conventional food safety guidelines, this is unhealthy. Bacteria grow on leftovers and any exposed food, especially if they are not preserved properly.

Meanwhile, at room temperature, it will last a few hours before it goes bad. It’s okay to leave your quiche at room temperature, especially when serving many guests and there is a high chance the dish will be consumed in no time.

However, if you prepared the quiche as part of your weekly meal prep, it’s best to store it directly in your refrigerator. This will lengthen your quiche’s shelf life to approximately 3-5 days.

Also, before putting it in your fridge, be sure to package it in a quality airtight container.

How long is cooked quiche good for in the freezer?

Quiche will remain edible for three to four months if it is properly packed and frozen.

Quiche is made with cheese, milk, and eggs. Therefore, it is prone to bacterial growth. However, freezing quiche will increase its shelf life.

So, don’t dispose of leftover quiche if you think you wouldn’t be able to eat it within a day or two. Store it in the freezer, then enjoy it later.

How long is homemade quiche good for in the fridge?

Homemade quiche will last for 3 to 4 days. However, your method of preparation, the ingredients you use, and how you store them in the fridge all influence the answer to this question.

Individual cases also vary because everyone has their unique style and ingredients for preparing the dish. Nonetheless, your quiche will last only as long as the earliest expiring ingredient in your recipe.

How long can you leave quiche out of the refrigerator?

Quiche will only keep at room temperature for roughly 3 hours because of its substantial dairy ingredient content.

However, you can eat your quiche after the 3-hour window as long as it’s still fresh. This is merely a guide to make sure the quiche remains as fresh as possible as it did when freshly baked.

Meanwhile, quiche has probably gone bad if left out for more than 8 hours. Do not eat it, especially if it was exposed to heat or intense sun rays.

Check for signs of spoilage. But if you’re in doubt, throw it away and bake a fresh batch.

How long should the quiche cool before refrigerating?

Quiche should cool for about an hour before refrigerating. Foodborne disease-causing bacteria have a higher chance of infecting your food if left out for too long. Do not leave it to set beyond two hours.

Additionally, you should cover your quiche in plastic wrap before letting it chill further in the refrigerator.

However, if you want to serve your quiche warm, allow it to cool for at least 10 to 20 minutes before slicing and serving it. The more the filling sets, the cleaner your slices are.

Does quiche go bad?

Yes, it does. Quiche goes bad when you don’t package and store it properly.

How can you tell if quiche is bad?

The signs of quiche deterioration are hairy moldy patches or dark blotches along the filling. These patches show that the quiche has been contaminated by fungal colonies and it should be thrown away.

In addition to physical signs, you can also tell if your quiche has gone bad by how it smells. Throw out the entire quiche if you sense any sour or sulfur-like scent. These are signs of harmful bacterial byproducts, which are unhealthy for you.

Most importantly, always inspect your quiche properly before eating it.


What ingredients make quiche spoil quickly?

Milk and eggs. It is unlikely that any other ingredients asides from milk and eggs will speed up the spoilage of your quiche. That’s because other ingredients in quiche have a longer shelf life than milk and eggs.

What is the best humidity and temperature for storing quiches?

Quiches should be kept at a temperature of about 40°F. Significantly, this conveniently corresponds to the temperature of most industrial refrigerators.

Can you eat quiche left out overnight?

No, you can’t. According to the USDA, you shouldn’t keep food out of the refrigerator for longer than two hours. After that time, dispose of it.

How should you store quiche?

After baking, allow your quiche to cool to room temperature before wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap. After that, go ahead and store it in your refrigerator.

You can also use aluminum foil as an alternative, even though most people prefer plastic wrap as a better option. Plastic wraps do a better job of keeping out unwelcome moisture.


Having answered the question, “how long is quiche good for in the fridge,” I believe you would adjust the quantity of quiche you prepare per time if you are not refrigerating.

Also, remember that your storage method can also influence how long your quiche will last.

Furthermore, when your quiche goes bad, you will know by how it looks and smells. At this point, you should no longer consume it. It is best to throw it out instead.

Thank you for reading.

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