Does Thai Tea Have Caffeine? Benefits, Comparison & More

Thai tea is a delicious black tea with a rich earthy taste. This delicious tea is however not good for everyone. Thai tea contains caffeine and is not safe for people who should be off caffeine.

But if you need iced tea to keep your energy levels up, you should drink Thai tea. Caffeine is a natural stimulant present in coffee, tea, and kola. It helps to increase focus and boost energy levels.

However, there could be side effects if your body does not tolerate caffeine well and when you take too much caffeine. If your body doesn’t take caffeine well, but you’re considering adding Thai tea to your tea collection, you should read this article.

What is Thai tea?

Thai tea (Camellia sinensis) is a type of black tea originally from Thailand, China. This tea is commonly served with condensed milk over ice.

Although native to Southeast Asia, Thai tea has gone beyond Asia and is now in many countries. You can find Thai tea on the menus of Thai restaurants in other countries.

It is also served in street tea stalls where it is sold in tall glasses or plastic cups with straws.

Furthermore, Thai tea is a bright orange tea that comes in two varieties – Thai iced tea (cha yen) and Thai milk tea (cha dun yen).

Both varieties are made from a base of black tea – Assam or Ceylon. Spices (star anise, cardamom, cinnamon), flavorings, and colorings are also added to give a bright orange color and spicy taste. The difference is the addition of milk in one.

Thai tea is sweet and has earthy undertones. The milk variety is creamy and sweeter than dark Thai tea. Additionally, you can have hot Thai tea, dark or with milk, if you prefer it that way.

Does Thai tea have caffeine?

Yes, it does.

Thai tea contains 45 to 60mg of caffeine. The caffeine content may be lesser than 45mg depending on the brew strength and the quantity of tea.

The caffeine content in the tea is enough to work as a stimulant and diuretic. If you avoid caffeine, you should stay off Thai tea if you cannot find decaffeinated black tea.

Is Thai tea good for you?

Yes, it is. Thai tea is not only sweet, but it also packs a lot of health benefits. Some of these include:

Aids in weight loss

A healthy cup of Thai tea can help you lose weight. The plain Thai tea variety or the milk variety with low-fat unsweetened milk will make weight loss more achievable.

Moreover, this tea contains polyphenols (caffeine), compounds that enhance lipid metabolism and reduce oxidative stress and calorie intake by suppressing digestion.

Thai tea is anti-inflammatory

Thai tea is packed with antioxidants that boost immunity. It cleanses the urinary tract and prevents inflammation which may arise from bacterial and viral infections.

In addition, drinking Thai tea can help people with asthma escape an attack.

The antioxidants help to clear out substances that can cause inflammation and boost immunity. The antioxidants can also help to reduce the risk of getting cancer.

Promotes heart health

Drinking Thai tea promotes heart health. It helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and increase antioxidants.

It clears the blood vessels of plaque buildup, thereby improving blood circulation. This, in turn, reduces blood pressure and the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Thai tea can help your allergy

The flavonoids in the tea work with milk (provided you do not add any more sugar) to minimize the impact of allergic reactions on your body.

It does this by protecting your body from inflammation substances and increasing immunity.

Can you drink Thai tea every day?

You can drink Thai tea every day if your body can take that amount of caffeine.

How much Thai tea should you drink?

The quantity of Thai tea you drink will depend on the variety of tea you drink.

Thai milk tea has more calories than plain iced Thai tea. Also, the caffeine content in Thai tea and how much caffeine you get from other sources determine how much tea you should drink.

If this tea is your only source of caffeine, it’s okay to drink up to four glasses if you love it that much. On the other hand, if you get caffeine from other sources, you should watch how much you drink.

Additionally, Thai tea is very sweet. The sugar content is something to watch out for. Drink in moderation to avoid excessive weight gain and obesity.

Can Thai tea keep you awake?

Yes, it can. The caffeine and sugar content in Thai tea is enough to stimulate you and keep you awake and alert.

Therefore, you can make this tea an alternative to coffee if you’re looking to reduce your caffeine intake.

Does Thai tea have more caffeine than coffee?

No, coffee contains more caffeine than Thai tea. No matter how strong you brew this tea, it can only have as much as half the caffeine content of coffee.

However, Thai tea can have more caffeine than coffee if it’s a decaffeinated coffee.

Does Thai tea have more caffeine than energy drinks?

Thai tea may or may not have more caffeine than an energy drink.

The level of caffeination depends on the method with which you brew the tea and the brand of energy drink. In addition, the volume of tea and energy drinks also affect caffeine content.

Does Thai tea have more caffeine than taro?

Yes, it does.

Taro tea is a caffeine-free tea if it is made with fresh taro without green or black tea. Adding any of these leaves during the preparation will add caffeine to Taro tea.


Does Thai tea give you energy?

Yes, it does. Thai tea contains caffeine which is a stimulant. It can give you an energy boost as coffee would.

Can kids have Thai tea?

Kids below the age of 12 should not have Thai tea because it contains caffeine.

Can pregnant women drink Thai tea?

Yes, they can. Pregnant women can enjoy a glass of Thai tea, but it should be once in a while. This black tea contains caffeine and high amounts of sugar.

Does Taste Nirvana Thai tea have caffeine?

Yes, it does. Although Taste Nirvana Thai tea has a mild refreshing taste, it contains a good amount of caffeine.


If caffeinated tea isn’t your thing, stay off Thai tea. One cup of iced Thai tea contains 45 to 60mg of caffeine.

This amount of caffeine is nothing compared to the amount in some energy drinks and coffee. But, it is enough to trigger side effects in some people.

If you want something with about the same caffeine content as Thai tea but more exciting, I’ll recommend bubble tea or jasmine tea.

Looking to cut down on caffeine intake? Thai tea may be enough. If your goal is to do away with caffeine completely, look for a decaffeinated or caffeine-free tea.

Thanks for reading.