Is Olive Oil Flammable? Read This to Avoid Fire

Olive oil is not classified as explosive and flammable. However, it often ignites fire when it is heated to and beyond its flashpoint. This best describes olive oil as combustible instead.

This is a good tip to note when using olive oil for meals or other heating purposes. However, this should not stop you from using olive oil because you want to avoid a fire hazard. If you take proper precautions, you can safely use olive oil in your kitchen.

In this article, I’ll be walking you through using olive oil in the kitchen to avoid kitchen accidents.

Is olive oil flammable?

Olive oil will catch fire only when it is overheated. It is combustible, not flammable. It is more likely to burn when sprayed in the air and heated.

The heat that vaporizes the oil concentrates on a small area, making it much easier for olive oil to ignite and catch fire.

Is olive oil flammable in the oven?

Heating olive oil to and beyond its flashpoint in the oven will cause a fire. Moreover, it will burn your food to a crisp. And if you can recover anything (which is highly unlikely), both the food and oil will taste bitter and burnt.

What then should you do? Avoid using olive oil in the oven. If it’s unavoidable, do not use it for recipes that require high temperatures.

Is extra virgin olive oil flammable?

Extra virgin oil has the same smoke point (374°F/190°C) and flash point (410°F/210°C) as olive oil. Therefore, heating it beyond any of these temperatures will cause it to burn and ruin your dish.

Is olive oil spray flammable?

Olive oil spray is not flammable. But, it will catch fire when exposed to high temperatures.

Does olive oil burn in a lamp?

Though strange and not often seen, olive oil can burn in a lamp. This sort of burning isn’t like a kerosene-filled lamp burn but a mild kind of burn that in most cases is for aesthetic and soothing purposes.

To achieve this, there are some processes involved. You can find out how this works by researching or reaching out to brands that make this sort of lamp.

How do you keep olive oil from smoking?

Below are a few helpful ways to keep your olive oil from smoking:

  • Buy high-grade olive oil. Refined or low-quality oils have a lower smoke point and will cause smoking.
  • Do not use olive oil at high temperatures.
  • Do not be far from your cooking to avoid overheating the oil.

Is burning olive oil toxic?

Cooking with olive oil can be harmful to your health. The fumes contain harmful compounds that can cause many life-threatening illnesses.


Which cooking oil is most flammable?

The most inflammable cooking oil is coconut oil.

This is because it has a smoke point of 385°F or 196°C and a flashpoint of 563°F or 295°C. It may ignite more easily than other oils in comparison.

What is the least flammable oil?

The least flammable oil is silicone oil. This oil is used as lubricants, thermic fluid oils, or hydraulic fluids. They are excellent electrical insulators and, unlike their carbon analogs, are non-flammable.

Are essential oils flammable?

Some countries consider essential oils to be high-risk fire hazards, while others do not. They all have different properties and levels of flammability that influence whether they are deemed hazardous or not.


Olive oil remains one of the best oils for cooking, medicinal supplements, and the skin. This oil is pure and made through a process that lowers its cholesterol level and thins the oil.

Although, it has been established that when it is overheated, it can cause a fire scare or catch fire altogether. Therefore, you need to ensure you monitor the temperature of your olive oil when you use it in cooking.

This way, you can prevent any form of fire and reduce the cause of inflammation. But, if you’re still scared about using olive oil, see how you can substitute it with vegetable oil.

Thank you for reading.