Is It Bad To Eat Stale Chips? Find Out Here

Is it bad to eat stale chips?

Not at all. It is not unsafe for you to eat stale chips. The shelf life of food isn’t always accurately represented by the expiration date.

Of course, you don’t want to consume anything that could be harmful to your health. But you shouldn’t throw out everything because they are past the date on the label. It will help you save money and lessen waste.

Contrary to popular belief, you can consume some foods after the date listed on their labels. Chips are one such thing.

In this article, I’ll discuss stale chips and share all you need to know about eating them.

What are stale chips?

Stale chips are chips with too much moisture. They are chips that are no longer crunchy.

When you buy unopened potato chips, they are hard and crunchy. However, when you leave them open, the air circulates inside the bag of chips.

When that happens, the dry chip absorbs some moisture from the air when it comes into contact with it. This causes them to lose their crunchiness and the fresh flavor they had when you first bought them.

Therefore, the more you leave the chips exposed, the faster they become stale.

Is it bad to eat stale chips?

No, it’s not.

It is safe to eat stale chips as long as they’re not moldy and don’t have a foul smell (which is unlikely if you didn’t leave them open).

There’s absolutely no risk in consuming stale chips. The only disadvantage is its loss of crispiness and flavor.

How can you tell if your chips are stale?

You can tell that your chips are stale by their texture and taste. They have a mushy texture and a flat, oily flavor. Nonetheless, some people enjoy the chewy texture of stale chips.

What do stale chips taste like?

Stale chips taste bland alongside being chewy. Due to the loss of flavor, it tastes more like paper than food.

Can you get sick from eating stale chips?

No, you can’t get sick from eating stale chips that have lost their flavor and been exposed to moisture. However, eating chips that are stale because they’ve expired can make you sick.

Therefore, eating stale chips won’t necessarily harm you if they haven’t expired. Nevertheless, stale chips aren’t appetizing.

How long are stale chips good for after opening?

Generally, chips can stay fresh for up to two weeks after you open them.

An unopened bag of chips can last about two to three months. However, ensure that you prevent as much air as possible from getting into the bag.

You can utilize a chip clip or fold the bag to keep air out.

Can you restore stale chips?

You can restore a bag of stale chips and enjoy them if you’re willing to put in a minute or two of your time. You can either use the traditional oven or the microwave.

Traditional oven

  • Set your oven’s temperature to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Evenly spread out the stale chips on a baking sheet, then put them in the oven
  • Bake until the chips are crisp again
  • Allow the chips to cool before eating them

Using a microwave

  • Pour your chips into a microwave-safe dish
  • Wrap the bowl of chips in a paper towel
  • Heat your chips for 30 seconds to make them crisp again

After microwaving, zap your chips for an extra 30 seconds if the freshness is not restored.

On the other hand, after 10 minutes in the oven, if the crunchiness isn’t restored and your chips still lack freshness, bake them for about five to ten minutes more.


Is it bad to eat stale tortilla chips?

No, it’s not bad.

If you haven’t left the bag of tortilla chips open, they shouldn’t be harmful. In rare situations, toasting tortilla chips in the oven might restore the crispiness and even make them taste fresh again.

Can unopened chips still go bad?

Yes, they can.

Even if your bag of chips is unopened, they may lose their freshness two to three weeks after the expiration date.

Can you eat stale Doritos chips?

Stale Doritos don’t pose a health danger as long as they aren’t moldy. However, they won’t taste very good either.


Whether you eat stale chips or not is up to you. Many variables affect a stale chip’s usefulness. You can try to restore the crispiness of your chips by following the steps in the article.

In addition, the fact that stale chips aren’t necessarily harmful to you doesn’t mean you should overindulge.

Furthermore, it is best to prevent your chips from getting stale than to try to restore them after. So, keep your chips in a cool dry place, away from air and moisture.

Thanks for reading.

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