Is Cornstarch Soluble In Hot Or Cold Water?

Cornstarch is used in almost every home for one thing or the other; culinary and non-culinary purposes. Despite the versatility of cornstarch, it is not soluble in water.

Corn starch is a food enhancer made from the endosperm (starchy part) of corn kernels. It is used as a thickener for soups, stews, sauces, and custards. It is also an excellent stain-removal agent.

For either purpose, dissolving this powdery substance tends to be a lot of work.

If you’ve also experienced this challenge, you should read this article to know why cornstarch is insoluble and how you can overcome this challenge.

Is cornstarch soluble in water?

No, cornstarch is water-resistant and insoluble.

Although a fine powder, it consists of a chain of large molecules (amylopectin) wrapped up in starch granules. This fine powder clumps together in water and thickens the water instead of dissolving in it.

Why is cornstarch not soluble in water?

Corn starch is not soluble in water because of its granular structure. The large molecules of starch granules are hydrophobic and tend to clump together to form a suspension mixture.

As a suspension mixture, the particles in cornstarch spread through the water without dissolving. This property makes it a great thickener instead.

Is cornstarch soluble in cold water?

No, it is not. Cornstarch does not dissolve in cold water. Because starch granules are too tiny for the naked eye to see, you may think they dissolve. But in fact, they stay suspended in cold water and remain solid.

You should know that cold water and cornstarch mixture is not useless. Even though there is no dissolution, you can still use the solid and liquid mixture.

Cornstarch with water forms the paste you use as a thickener. Most people call this paste a slurry.

Is cornstarch soluble in hot water?

No, it is not. If you directly add hot water to cornstarch, it will clump. Naturally, when you mix a dry ingredient with a moist one, it will clump.

The starch granules gradually absorb the hot water and expand, resulting in a thick paste.


What does the cornstarch and water mixture feel like?

The water and cornstarch mixture feels like a paste. It’s possible to roll the paste into a ball, except that it won’t stay together. When you try to grip it, it’ll go back to its solution form.

How do you activate cornstarch?

You activate starch by allowing the cornstarch and liquid mix to cook until it bubbles.

Let the mixture boil for about ten to fifteen minutes. After, you’ll see that the cornstarch mix has started thickening.

How long does it take to thicken cornstarch in sauce?

It takes about a minute or two for the cornstarch to thicken.

Therefore, you should avoid simmering your sauce for a long time after adding cornstarch.

Does cornstarch affect the taste of food?

No, cornstarch does not affect the taste of food.

Cornstarch is a coarse substance farmers get from dry corn kernels. It comes mostly without flavor and is added to food to thicken, not add taste.


Cornstarch is hydrophobic. It has unique properties that make it perfect for recipes such as stews, sauces, and mustard that need a thickener.

As you cook, it always looks like the starch is dissolving. On the contrary, all that’s happening is the breaking apart of its molecules from the liquid to form clumps.

Finally, its chain-like molecules wrapped in starchy granules are what cause it to be insoluble.

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