How Many Minutes Do You Put Popcorn In The Microwave? Tips For Making Popcorn

Making popcorn in the microwave is a quick and easy way to make family-time popcorn without a popcorn machine.

However, making popcorn in the microwave can be tricky. You need to pay undivided attention to the popcorn in the microwave because it cooks really fast and may burn if you are not careful.

That being said, you should know how long your bowl of popcorn should be in the microwave.

How many minutes do you put popcorn in the microwave?

It takes 2 to 3 minutes to make popcorn in a microwave. Microwaves come in different power levels; 700, 1000, and 1100 Watts, among others. The higher the power the faster the kernels pop.

The volume of corn kernels in the microwave also affects the popping time. Also, pay attention and listen for a beep sound from the microwave. When the time gap between pop sounds increases to 3 seconds, the popcorn is ready.

How to make popcorn in the microwave

1. Microwave popcorn in a paper bag

First, pour the kernel into a paper bag (the volume of the popcorn determines how big your paper bag should be). Next, seal the bag by folding it down twice from the top.

Place the paper bag in the microwave and heat for 3 minutes. Pay attention to the popcorn popping and switch off the microwave once you notice 2 seconds delay between pops.

Take the bag out carefully and leave it to cool for a few minutes before opening it to avoid steam burns. Turn the popcorn into a bowl, season with salt and melted butter, and mix. Your popcorn is ready to serve.

2. Microwave popcorn in a glass bowl

Pour the kernels into a microwave-safe glass bowl with a tight fitting. A Pyrex bowl is suitable for this. Cover the bowl and place it in the microwave.

Heat on high for 5 to 6 minutes and pay attention to the pop sound until you can sense a 2 to 3 seconds gap between pops.

Turn off the microwave immediately and carefully take out the bowl using oven mitts. Leave it to cool for a few minutes before opening the bowl. Drizzle melted salted butter over the popcorn and serve.

Why does your microwave popcorn burn?

Microwave popcorn cooks really fast. Popcorn will burn if you leave it in the microwave for too long.

Corn kernels start to pop within 15 to 20 seconds of putting them in the microwave. Popcorn pops in 3 minutes in a bag and 5 minutes in a Pyrex glass bowl. Going beyond this time will leave you with burned popcorn.

In addition, stop the microwave when you notice a two seconds delay after each pop. Remember that you shouldn’t pre-heat the microwave before putting the kernels.

Why won’t your popcorn pop in the microwave?

If your corn kernels aren’t popping, it is either because it is stale and dry or because the power in your microwave is too low. Without enough moisture in the popcorn kernels, it may not pop at all or just a little.

You can revive stale popcorn by refrigerating it in an open container for at least 30 minutes. The kernels will absorb the moisture in the fridge and you can pop them afterward.

Also, ensure that your microwave is set on high power for the best result. Note that, all of the kernels won’t pop in the microwave. What matters is that you don’t end up with burned popcorn.

Can you microwave popcorn without oil?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to grease the kernels with oil or butter before placing them in the microwave. The moisture in the kernel is enough to make it pop perfectly.

Only make sure that the microwave is set at high heat so that the ray can penetrate the kernel so well. When the popcorn is ready, add the melted butter and salt and serve.


Can you save microwave popcorn for later?

Yes, you can. Popcorn can last weeks if the package remains sealed and away from direct heat. However, it may be chewy instead of the crunchiness of fresh popcorn.

How can you reheat microwave popcorn in a microwave?

Pour the popcorn into a microwaveable bowl and cover it with a damp towel. heat the popcorn on high power for 10 seconds and take it out.

Can you put corn kernels that didn’t pop back in the microwave?

Yes. Gather the unpopped corn kernels into a paper bag and pop them again in the microwave. Unpopped corn kernels have been exposed to heat and may pop more quickly that the first time.


Popcorn cooks fast in the microwave. So, you must be alert while the kernels are popping in the microwave.

Once the pop slows down to about 2 seconds between pops, turn off the microwave immediately. Not all of the kernels get popped but it is better than having all of the popcorn burnt.

You can season with melted butter and salt or go with other special toppings like coconut and cinnamon oil.

I hope this article helped. Thanks for reading.

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