How Many Green Onions Are In A Bunch? Find Out Here

Green onions come in bunches, but most recipes require that you use them by the cup. You can only make this measurement when you know how many green onions are in a bunch.

Countless instances call for calculations, conversions, and measurements in the kitchen. One of the times you’ll find yourself doing any of these is when you go grocery shopping and when it’s cooking time.

Besides, you can save money when shopping if you buy fewer perishables and know how much of anything you’ll need before you get to the store.

In addition, these vegetables are highly perishable, so it’s advisable to get only how much of it you need at a time.

What are green onions?

Green onions are spring onions with small and succulent white bulbs with long, hollow green stalks of varying lengths. As onions, they belong to the Allium species.

Common names of green onions include spring onions, bunching onions, baby onions, salad onions, and scallions. Green onions are now widely used across the world in different cuisines to make many savory and appetizing dishes.

They are used in their raw form, as garnishment, as flavoring, and even substituted for onions in dishes that can do without the pungency of onions.

Additionally, you can pickle green onions, add them to soups, blanch and store them, fry, or grill them as a side dish.

How many green onions are in a bunch?

One bunch of green onions has about six to eight green onions. But if you get large green onions, you may find five in a bunch. This means that the number of onions in a bunch depends on the size of the onions.

Additionally, small and medium-sized bulbs have a stalk of about 12 to 20 inches and a diameter of 8mm and 15mm respectively.

How many cups of green onions are in a bunch?

A cup of green onions holds nine chopped green onions. Therefore, you’ll need a little over a bunch to get one cup of chopped green onions. Also, this cup weighs about 98 to 100 grams.

How many tablespoons of green onions can you get from a bunch?

One medium-sized green onion, when chopped, will yield around two tablespoons of onions. Therefore, one bunch contains six to eight green onions which will yield twelve to sixteen tablespoons of green onions.

Are green onions good for you?

Yes, they are. Green onions are healthy vegetables. They are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants like flavonoids, vitamin A, and carotenoids. These nutrients work together to improve overall health.

Eating green onions can help reduce the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. They also improve bone health and eye health.

How to use green onions

  • Add green onions to your salad
  • Use green onions to garnish stews and soups
  • Also, green onions give color and flavor to omelets
  • Add green onions to vegetable stir-fries
  • Sauté or grill the stem of green onions
  • Pickle the stem of green onions
  • Make scallion sauce for seasoning steaks


How much does a bunch of green onions weigh?

One bunch of medium-sized green onions weighs around 105 grams (3.8 ounces).

How many calories are in a bunch of green onions?

Per 100 grams, green onions contain 32 calories.

Can you eat raw green onions?

Yes, you can.

Raw green onions are great condiments for salad. Remove the top inch and the roots up to the tough bottom part, and wash and chop the onions before adding them to your salad.

How much does one scallion weigh?

One scallion weighs around 5 grams to 25 grams (0.2 to 0.9 ounces) depending on the size.


A bunch of green onions has about five to eight onion bulbs. Each green onion yields two tablespoons of chopped onions.

One cup of chopped green onions holds nine chopped green onions. This is about the same quantity as one medium-sized white onion.

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