How Many Briskets Can You Find In A Cow?

As a steak lover, you must have tried all the varieties of steak out there. And I guess you might be a bit curious to know more about the brisket, like how many briskets per cow? Or where are brisket cuts from?

One cow has only two briskets, one brisket per side. Moreover, they are quite big, so you can cut them into different sizes. And you’ll find most butchers sell them in lean and fatty varieties.

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Understanding brisket better

Brisket is a tender, juicy, and flavorful cut of meat gotten from the pectoral region of a cow. Brisket cuts are from the breast region of a cow, above the front shanks and below the chuck.

Because this meat cut comes from a region that is well-exercised, it contains a high amount of connective tissues which makes it tough but also full of flavor.

Brisket cuts are available whole or divided into two types of cuts, the flat cut and the point/second cut. These two cuts are the subprimal cuts, whereas the whole brisket is the full packer.

The flat cut or the first cut is the lean brisket with less marbling. On the other hand, the point brisket or second cut is the fatty part of the full packer with more marbling. This cut is best used for barbecue and has more flavor.

However, both brisket cuts are tough and delicious. In addition, the best way to cook any brisket cuts is slowly on low heat.

How many briskets per cow?

There are two briskets in a cow, one on each side of the cow. All brisket cuts come from the lower chest area of a cow.

The lean brisket (the flat cut) is the main part of the full packer. It lies against the ribs and is less fatty because it does the most work. The point cut sits above the legs and is the fatty part of the full packer.

How much meat does brisket yield?

A normal-sized raw brisket weighs between 16 to 20 pounds. Considering the fact that 50 percent of the raw brisket is water, a 20-pound brisket will give you 10 pounds of meat.

The flat cut weighs between 5 – 10 pounds and is more expensive than the point cut. The point cut is less expensive because it is tougher and has more fat. It weighs between 4 – 5 pounds.

How can you cook a brisket?

Although there are many ways of cooking beef brisket, the most common cooking methods include smoking, roasting, and braising.


When you want to smoke brisket, there are two methods you can try; wet or dry smoking. Wet smoking is done by adding liquid (usually water, beer, or apple cider vinegar) to the brisket during the smoking process.

Dry smoking, on the other hand, is done without adding any liquid during the process. Instead, the marinade is injected or rubbed on before smoking, and this method produces a more flavorful brisket.

Now, let us see the step-by-step guide for smoking briskets:

  • Preheat the smoker to 250°F
  • Ensure you choose the right cut of brisket. If you get a whole packer, trim off excess fat, leaving only 3mm of fat. This step is very important because it impacts the flavor and texture of your brisket
  • Afterward, evenly coat the meat with your preferred BBQ rub. You can also add other seasonings of your choice to enhance the flavor
  • Smoke the brisket to an internal temperature of 165°F. This should take 1 to 1½ hours
  • Read the temperature of your meat with a meat thermometer
  • Thereafter, allow the meat to rest for about 10 minutes. Leaving the meat to rest helps to evenly the distribute the juice and make the meat moist
  • Serve with your favorite side dish


Roasting is a pretty easy way to cook brisket. You can follow these steps to help yourself at home:

  • Preheat the oven to 325°F
  • Trim and season the meat
  • Place your brisket in the oven and cook it to an internal temperature of 165°F. This should take 3 to 4 hours
  • Take your brisket out of the oven and allow it to rest for at least 10 minutes before cutting the brisket
  • Serve in your favorite combination


Braising is another method of cooking brisket, and it is usually done by cooking the meat in liquid until the meat is tender. These liquids may be water, stock, or beer.

The steps for braising your brisket include:

  • Preheat the oven to 375°F
  • Trim the excess fat and season afterward
  • Heat the brisket in the pot at medium heat till it is brown on both sides. When this is done, set it aside
  • After removing the brisket from the pot, add the onion and carrots and cook until they soften. Remember to stir occasionally to prevent the dish from burning
  • Return the brisket to the pot and add your beef broth, beer, or water. Ensure you add plenty of either
  • Bring the contents of the pot to a boil and reduce the heat afterward
  • Put the pot in the oven and cook until the meat becomes tender. This should take 2 to 3 hours
  • Leave the meat to rest for at least 10 minutes before you serve
  • Serve braised brisket with mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, or a salad

How much brisket per person?

1 pound of brisket meat should be enough for one person. Remember, as mentioned earlier, meat shrinks after cooking, so this one pound would be half a pound after cooking.

So, when planning to host a group of quests, you should plan on 1 pound per person.


What is brisket called at grocery stores?

Brisket is labeled as beef brisket in grocery stores.

How much is a brisket?

A Brisket is usually sold for around $3 – $5 per pound. A brisket yields about 20 pounds of meat, which costs $60 – $100.

What other cut of meat can be gotten from a cow?

There are different cuts of meat you can find in a cow. Some of them include; ribeye, tenderloin, and New York strip.

Is brisket and chuck the same?

No, they are not. Brisket cuts come from the chest area, while chuck cuts are from the shoulder.


There are two briskets per cow. All briskets are from the breasts section between the front legs and the chuck. A raw brisket weighs around 20 pounds and 10 pounds after cooking.

Brisket is a very tender and flavorful cut of meat. You can prepare it by smoking, roasting, or braising it. You can also follow the step-by-step guide in this article to get the best taste out of your brisket.

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