How Long Is Frozen Bread Good For Before & After Expiration?

The recommended time frame for preserving frozen bread is 3 months. During this time frame, you must endeavor to consume it. Otherwise, you will be subjecting the loaf to prolonged harsh freezing conditions. 

However, this has not stopped people from freezing bread and eating bread that has stayed in the freezer past this timeframe. 

This article highlights numerous types of bread, how long bread is good after being frozen, and when you should never eat it. 

Should you freeze bread?

If you plan on storing bread for a long period, yes, you should freeze it.

You have kept bread fresh for days using the refrigerator. Use the freezer to extend the storage period and have it looking and tasting fresh for months.

Additionally, when storing bread in the freezer, wrap it carefully and properly to prevent freezer burn and contamination.

Can you eat frozen bread?

Yes, you can. Bread hardens as it freezes. Therefore, it is best to eat frozen bread after toasting or thawing it.

You can pop the bread directly into the toaster without thawing it. Keep in mind that it’ll take longer to get ready. You can also thaw the bread for 15 to 20 seconds on high power in a microwave.

How long is frozen bread good for?

If you stored it properly, bread can stay frozen for 3 to 6 months.

However, you should note that freezing may not kill all dangerous compounds in the bread like micro-organisms. It only stops them from growing and rotting the bread.

How long is frozen bread good for once thawed?

After defrosting the bread, do not keep it longer than two days. Just like with any food item, you should quickly consume defrosted food.

When you put bread in the freezer, enzymatic actions that trigger mold growth and spoilage cease. But when you bring it out, these activities continue.

The longer you keep the bread out, the faster it goes stale and develops mold.

How long is frozen bread good for after the expiration date?

As long you stored it properly, expired bread in the freezer remains safe until you bring it out.

But you must be sure that the bread did not expire before you put it in the freezer. Also, it must not be too many weeks after the expiration date.

When bread stays in the freezer for too long, the texture, color, and taste reduce in quality. It becomes worse when the bread expires.

How long is frozen garlic bread good for?

Frozen garlic bread will last 3 to 12 months in the freezer. How long the bread lasts depends on whether it’s store-bought or homemade.

Homemade garlic bread will last only three months while the store-bought variety comes with an expiration date. This expiration date is usually within 12 to 18 months of purchase.

In addition, when you take garlic bread out of the freezer, you don’t have to thaw it first. Put the hard bread in a 425 degrees Fahrenheit oven, butter side up, and reheat.

Keep an eye on the bread and take it out when the butter melts completely.

How long is frozen bread dough good for?

The frozen dough will last up to 6 months. But you must carefully and properly wrap the dough in a cling film. Also, keep it in the coldest part of the freezer and away from odorous food items.

Most importantly, bake the dough well and thoroughly before you eat it.

Can frozen bread last for up to 1 year?

Yes, properly frozen bread can last up to 1 year as long as there are no lapses in its freeze cycle like power cuts.

Also, you can eat a year-old frozen bread as long as it has no molds, is not mushy, and does not smell off.

However, it is not advisable to freeze bread for that long. Otherwise, it will lose a good amount of its nutritional value and taste to freezer burn. 

Can you refreeze thawed bread?

Yes, you can but it is not advisable. Refreezing bread after thawing exposes it to bacterial and mold growth.

When you bring food items out of the freezer, the enzymatic actions that stop in the freezer begin. Then, the bread starts going stale, develops mold, and is no longer good for good.

How to freeze bread

Freezing bread is very easy. Do not discard the plastic wrap the bread came in. Wrap the bread in another plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn and contamination.

Double-proof with a resealable freezer bag. Before you seal the bag, make sure you squeeze out as much air as you can. Then, place the bag of bread in the freezer.


Why does frozen bread not taste as good as fresh bread?

Frozen bread will not taste as good as oven-fresh bread if it was exposed to freezer burn. Also, frozen bread that has been thawed will not taste as good as fresh bread.

What foods can you make with stale bread? 

Crusty bread salad, French toast, croutons, bruschetta, bread and butter pudding, and meatloaf are some of the delicious foods you can make using stale bread. 

You can also use stale bread as stuffing or dressings for that juicy Thanksgiving roast turkey. 

Can you eat bread that has been frozen for two years? 

Yes, you can eat bread frozen for two years as long as there is no mold on it or any other sign of spoilage.

However, it is also not a good idea to eat bread frozen for that long as its overall quality won’t be the same.


While you can eat bread that has been frozen for months or even beyond a year, it is generally not advisable. 

That is because the bread has faced harsh freezing conditions and would also probably have absorbed the smell of other food items in the freezer. 

Additionally, if you are certain that your bread was frozen properly but you still find mold on it, throw it out. Eating bread that’s been contaminated with mold could lead to serious health complications. 

Freezing is an effective way of preserving food items. Check out this list of foods you can freeze to preserve them.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.