Can Hot Cheetos Make Your Poop Red?

Hot Cheetos are spicy gateways to nirvana. It’s the perfect blend of the crunch you love and spice that is next level. Before you begin to salivate, do you know Hot Cheetos can make your poop red?

The fiery intensity makes Cheetos addictive. The ingredient that gives this sensation is what makes your poop red.

This article reviews your favorite snack and gives adequate information concerning Hot Cheetos and why they make your poop red.

What is Hot Cheetos?

Hot Cheetos, also called Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, are spicy-flavored snacks made by Frito-Lay. They are filled with cheese and crunchy too.

The Hot Cheetos contains corn meal, garlic powder, flaming hot seasoning, salt, sugar, MSG, buttermilk, citric acid, natural flavor, sunflower oil, sodium diacetate, onion powder, whey, whey protein concentrate, vegetable oil, artificial color, yeast extract, cheddar cheese, and disodium inosinate.

A pack of Cheetos contains 170 calories, calcium, carbohydrate, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, and fats (saturated and trans fat)

Can Hot Cheetos make your poop red?

Yes, Hot Cheetos can make your poop red, especially when you consume too much of it.

This spicy snack contains red food dye, which can turn your stool red— the color changes when you eat Hot Cheetos in large quantities or overdose.

Other Hot Cheetos overdose symptoms

1. Severe stomach pain

Overeating Hot Cheetos irritates the stomach lining because of how spicy the snack is. When the irritation occurs, the stomach becomes inflamed and swollen, which leads to intense pain in your abdomen.

This pain is a sign that says you have overdosed on Hot Cheetos.

2. Burning pain in the abdomen

Overeating Hot Cheetos causes pain inside the abdomen or outer wall of your muscle. The pain usually ranges from mild to severe and may or may not require emergency care.

Furthermore, this burning pain is usually also a sign that you have overdosed on Hot Cheetos.

3. Nausea

When you overdose on Hot Cheetos, excess gastric acid leads to stomach pain, which makes you feel very nauseous. You begin to burp and feel bloated.

Nausea is not a disease or sickness; it is a symptom or sign that you have overeaten Hot Cheetos. Once you get this sign, please stop eating and, if need be, see your doctor.

4. Vomiting

When you overeat Hot Cheetos, excess gastric acid is secreted in your body. The unnecessarily large amount of gastric acid in your body will trigger vomiting.

Furthermore, the red food dye in Hot Cheetos affects not only the color of your poop but the color of your vomit as well. The peppers, too, in this spicy snack can lead to a false appearance of blood in the vomited contents.

You would think it is blood, but about 90% of the time, it’s not. When this happens, please go straight to the hospital to get checked.

5. Acid reflux

Acid reflux is a more severe symptom, a disease caused by overeating spicy food. What happens is that you overeat Hot Cheetos, which causes gastric acid secretion.

This secretion irritates your stomach lining. When this happens, please visit the hospital to avoid gastroesophageal reflux disease.

6. Indigestion

The saturated and trans fat in the chips slows down digestion. The Hot Cheetos you keep eating pile up in your stomach without digesting as quickly as you’re eating.

When indigestion happens, you will feel too full too soon while eating your snack; you will also feel very uncomfortable.

In addition, you will feel bloated and start burping. Another cause of indigestion while eating Hot Cheetos is the acid reflux the spice triggers.

7. Gastritis

A condition in which your stomach line suffers inflammation. Overeating Hot Flaming Cheetos will cause your stomach lining to be irritated and then inflamed.

The irritation occurs because the spicy chips contain a very high level of acid, which can lead to pain in your upper abdomen and your chest.

8. Insomnia

Overconsumption of these spicy chips can raise your body temperature. This increase in body temperature can seriously affect your sleep, particularly during the day.

Eating very spicy snacks is linked to difficulty when it comes to falling asleep.

9. Loss of appetite for regular foods

You can overload the taste of your tastebuds when you overeat Hot Cheetos.

The overload happens to affect the reception of substances in food and will possibly affect your ability to distinguish taste. Therefore, you shouldn’t overeat Hot Flaming Cheetos.

10. Heat in your body

When you eat spicy snacks too much, more heat than you would like generates in your body. This spice can also cause burns in your anus and other organs. It might make it very hard and hot when you want to defecate.

Can Hot Cheetos kill you?

No, Hot Cheetos cannot kill you. Beyond the fact that overeating salty and spicy food will affect you, it will not kill you. However, the worst that can happen is a visit to the hospital to resolve one of the minor problems it might have caused.

In addition, Hot Cheetos will also worsen ulcers.

How can you stop stomach pain caused by Hot Cheetos?

1. Stop overeating Hot Cheetos

First things first, you have to stop over-eating Hot Cheetos.

2. Take antacids

You can only take this medicine if you go to the hospital and a doctor or pharmacist gives the drugs to you. The good thing is that antacids are over-the-counter medications that neutralize stomach acids.

3. Eat a weak ice pop

Eating a weak ice pop like Pedialyte pop is a natural way to reduce stomach pain.

4. Drink aloe vera juice

Aloe vera doesn’t only soothe your stomach pain; it helps your bowels move the chips out of your system.


Does Hot Cheetos give you acne?

No, they don’t. Although Hot Cheetos aren’t healthy, they cannot cause acne. There is no relationship between consuming chips and experiencing acne or other skin ailments.

Why is Hot Cheetos so addicting?

This addiction that accompanies eating Hot Cheetos is a mild opiate caused by the burning sensation we get from the peppers.

The burning feeling releases natural endorphins into your body, making you feel good. Once the opiate causing you to feel good is gone, you crave more.

Why is Hot Cheetos spicy?

Unfortunately, the producers of Flaming Hot Cheetos have successfully hidden this information from the public.

No one outside the recipe owners knows the combination of spices. All we know is it has flaming hot seasoning.

Why isn’t Hot Cheetos allowed in some schools?

Some schools banned spicy Hot Cheetos snacks because of how addictive it is. It was found that some students ate more than they should.

What is the Hot Cheetos serving size?

The pack states that there are about 189 chips in one bag of Hot Cheetos, but it turns out that it contains 237.5 chips.


The flaming Hot Cheetos deserves its title because it is sweltering and spicy. With how addictive it can be, this snack is all kinds of wrongs that taste good.

Hot Cheetos should not be an everyday snack. Also, you shouldn’t eat more than a pack. One of the side effects of eating this snack includes red poop.

Although this condition is not life-threatening, it can complicate existing health issues.

Thank you for reading.

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