Here’s What You Can Do With Expired Sour Cream

Can you use expired sour cream if you have not opened it?

Do not give up on expired sour cream. It can still come in handy. Expired sour cream can make a super flaky pie crust, tasty sauces, and lots more.

Sour cream has a very short life. This makes shoppers buy only a few and sometimes end up throwing them out when they are past the printed date.

This article will explore the uses, benefits, and other relevant information about what you can do with your expired sour cream.

What is sour cream?

Sour cream is made by fermenting dairy milk cream with lactic acid bacteria. This dairy product is used to top tacos and baked potatoes, and thicken baked foods, sauces, and stews.

Traditionally, sour cream was produced by allowing the cream skimmed off the top of the milk to ferment at a mild temperature.

Alternately, it can be made by fermenting pasteurized cream with an acid-producing bacterial culture.

How long is sour cream good for?

Sour cream lasts as long as its expiration date. Some brands may last two to three weeks beyond the expiration date.

However, how long sour cream lasts depends on how you stored it. For instance, an unopened pack of sour cream will last longer than an opened pack.

Also, refrigerated sour cream will last longer than sour cream left at room temperature.

How long is opened sour cream good for before it expires?

An opened package of sour cream can last up to two weeks before it expires. But, you must have stored the cream properly within this period.

Can you eat expired sour cream if it has not been opened?

Yes, you can. Expired sour cream remains safe for consumption if it has not been contaminated with food particles, insects, or mold.

Ensure to keep open containers of sour cream refrigerated even before they expire.

What can you do with the expired sour cream you have not opened?

While sour cream has a short expiration period, you can use expired sour cream you have not opened to make fruit toppings, sour cream frosting, creamy soups, baked goods, and pancakes.

How to know your sour cream is bad

Always check for signs of spoilage in expired sour cream before you use it. Some of the signs to look out for include:


Mold spreads deeper than what can be seen with the naked eye alone. So, if you notice mold developing on the surface of your sour cream container, you should throw away the entire thing.

Color discoloration

Sour cream should be white if it’s still in good condition. A yellow discoloration could be a sign of bacterial growth and should be thrown away.

Unpleasant smell

Sour cream has a slightly sour smell to start with, but it is easy to tell if it is going bad or has already gone bad. The sour cream will smell bad, rancid, and unpleasant, which means it is not safe to consume.

Bad taste

Taste a small amount if you are not sure what you saw and smelled. A sharp and bitter taste is a sign that the sour cream has expired and you should trash it.


Can unopened sour cream expire?

Yes, it can. An unopen pack of sour cream will expire when it’s two or three weeks past its sell-by date. It may also expire before its expiration date if it gets punctured or exposed to heat and direct sunlight.

What is the best way to store your sour cream?

Sour cream should be kept in the fridge in containers made of plastic or glass.

Can you freeze sour cream?

Yes, you can. Freeze extra sour cream to preserve it for a longer period. Sour cream can stay frozen for up to six months.

Although it may not look and taste palatable, frozen and thawed sour cream can still make tasty baked goods, soups, and sauces.


Generally, sour cream has a short shelf life. However, expired sour cream is still useful and can be used to make delicious sauces, flaky pie crusts, homemade cream soup, deviled eggs, fluffy pancakes, and salad dressing.

Finally, sour cream should be eaten in moderation and with a variety of whole foods for the best health because eating too much of it can be detrimental.

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