Does Lipton Green Tea Citrus Have Caffeine?

Yes, Lipton green tea citrus contains caffeine. If you ever heard about a green tea without caffeine, it wasn’t this Lipton green tea. Just like every Lipton tea product, it has its share of caffeine.

If you want to cut down on your caffeine intake but you love green tea, you might just want to try this out. Also, if you’re new to caffeine and want to start in small amounts, this citrus green tea will make a good choice.

Read on to see how much caffeine is in Lipton green tea.

Does Lipton green tea citrus have caffeine?

Yes, it does.

Lipton green tea citrus is not a caffeine-free tea. So, if you’re looking to stay off caffeine completely, stay off this green tea.

How much caffeine does Lipton green tea citrus contain?

According to the official website, this citrus green tea contains around 28 to 38mg of caffeine.

Although this is less than the caffeine content in black tea, it is enough to get you pumped with energy in the morning.

Does Lipton green tea citrus have more caffeine than coffee?

No, it does not.

Coffee contains more caffeine (95mg according to the USDA) than Lipton green tea.

Lipton green tea is a good choice for withdrawal from caffeine. Also, it is good for people who want to stay off coffee but still consume caffeine.


Can you drink Lipton green tea at night?

Yes, you can but you should not.

Lipton green tea contains caffeine. And caffeine can affect the quality of your sleep when you take it in excess.

How long does the caffeine in Lipton green tea last in the body?

The caffeine in Lipton green tea remains in the body for up to 10 hours after consumption.

Does the caffeine in Lipton green tea raise blood pressure?

Yes, it does.

Too much caffeine intake is associated with raised blood pressure in people who initially have high blood pressure.

It also raises the blood pressure of healthy people when they engage in rigorous activities like exercising.

Is there green tea without caffeine?

Naturally, no.

All green tea contains caffeine, except in cases where the tea has gone through decaffeination.


If you’re looking for a green tea without caffeine, not Lipton green tea. Except if you find a decaf green tea, there is no green tea without caffeine.

This citrus green tea contains around 28 to 38mg of caffeine which is way less than the amount of caffeine in coffee. If you need a drink to get you going in the morning, take Lipton green tea for a kick of caffeine.

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