See If Almond Milk Can Make You Gain Weight

Milk is one of the foods most people rely on to help them gain weight. But, if you have added almond milk to the list of meals to help you gain weight, you might just want to take it off already.

Almond milk does not aid weight gain. Almond milk is plant-based milk with fewer calories than cow’s milk. So, it can’t do much to your weight.

However, if you drink sweetened varieties of almond milk, you might just be able to achieve something.

If you find it rather surprising that almond milk – a type of milk – cannot make you bulkier, you need to read this article and see for yourself.

Does almond milk make you gain weight?

No, it does not.

Almond milk is a low-sugar, low-calorie plant-based milk and it won’t make you bulkier. However, this could be quite different if you’re drinking sweetened or commercial almond milk.

Does unsweetened almond milk make you gain weight?

No, it will not.

Unsweetened almond milk is pure and free of additives like sugar. So, it is not likely to make you gain weight, regardless of how many glasses you drink.

However, should not have so much unsweetened almond milk to prevent other side effects from showing up.

Does Silk almond milk make you gain weight?

Silk is a line that produces varieties of almond milk. It is available in grocery stores and supermarkets. This almond milk may or may not cause you to gain weight, depending on the variety you drink.

For instance, Silk vanilla almond milk may cause weight gain because of its high sugar content.

On the other hand, Silk unsweetened almond milk will not cause weight gain because it contains less sugar.

Is almond milk healthier than cow’s milk?

Nutritionally, no.

Almond milk does not contain as many nutrients as cow’s milk does. Although it is preferred by people who are on a weight management plan, it shouldn’t be the sole source of milk nutrients.

Almond milk is low in calcium, vitamin D, protein, and fat. And most of these nutrients are necessary. But if you can source these nutrients in other foods, you can enjoy almond milk as it is lactose-free, vegan, and low in calories.

Additionally, almond milk is also preferred by vegans and people with dairy allergies and lactose intolerance.


Does almond milk make you lose weight?

Yes, it does.

Almond milk can help you lose weight since it contains fewer calories than whole milk. Replace whole milk with equal amounts of almond milk and watch the changes.

When is the best time to drink almond milk?

There is no better time to drink almond milk.

You can drink it in the morning or evening based on your preference. While the benefits of drinking this milk are of better use during the day, it could also help improve sleep.

How much almond milk should you drink?

To be safe, do not drink more than two glasses of almond milk in a day, especially when you are having a sweetened variety.


Almond milk is not a type of milk that can help increase your weight. Instead, it is used for the reverse in people who are overweight.

Generally, the results you get from drinking almond milk will depend on the variety you’re drinking. While the unsweetened variety cannot aid weight gain, the sweetened variety may help you become bulkier.

If you’re looking to gain weight but cannot tolerate dairy products, go for full-fat coconut milk or soy milk. These types of plant-based milk have more fat and protein than almond milk.

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