Can You Microwave Coated, Foam, Chinet, and Dixie’s Paper Plates?

Can you put paper plates in the microwave? Should you be doing that?

Paper plates are fast becoming a preferred option for eating, especially when it’s just you and family or friends. They save energy, time, and water you would naturally spend doing dishes.

Based on the flexibility of paper plates, I believe you’ve considered using them to microwave your meals.

It is established that what goes into a microwave and what should not are equally important. So, get the right facts about your paper plates.

What is a paper plate?

Paper plates are disposable plates made from wood pulp. They are very convenient to use and are not meant for recycling or washing after use.

Most paper plates are 100% paper while some have a plastic coating that makes them more durable. Paper plates are easy to manage, and they make clearing up after a meal easier.

Moreover, it is common to see families use paper plates for quick meals and daily use. They leave the nice ceramic and glassware for special occasions or when there are guests.

Can you microwave paper plates?

Yes, you can microwave paper plates.

However, you must be sure that your paper plate is 100% paper before you put it in the microwave. Also, look underneath the plate to be sure it is microwave-safe.  

However, keep in mind that paper plates are not as resilient or durable as standard microwave-safe plates. Therefore, you should microwave them carefully without going overboard.

Can you microwave food on paper plates?

Yes, it is okay to microwave paper plates with food in it. But there are things to note when microwaving your food with a paper plate or bowl. They include:

  • Do not microwave runny food or food with excess liquid on a paper plate
  • Stack two to three plates when you want to microwave oil or greasy foods to avoid creating a mess. This will also help to absorb the oil and prevent your food from falling off the soiled plate
  • Do not use paper plates to microwave foods that will melt while heating
  • Additionally, make sure you’re using paper plates to reheat cooked food

Can you microwave coated paper plates?

No. Do not microwave paper plates that are coated with plastic or ink decorations. These materials that coat the plates absorb heat and can catch fire.

Moreover, some of these materials release toxic chemicals into your food while it heats. These chemicals can affect the composition of your food and make it harmful.

Can you microwave foam paper plates?

Not all foam paper plates are microwavable. Always check for the sign that says your paper plate is microwave-safe before you put it in the microwave.

Foam paper plates are made of a compound called polystyrene foam. Some of these foam plates are microwave-safe and may come with an instruction to not microwave them more than once.

Also, some of these foam plates contain materials that microwaves easily break down. Consequently, it can make your food harmful and harm your health after consuming such food.

Can you microwave Chinet paper plates?

Chinet is the brand name of a paper plate manufacturing company. Chinet paper plates are microwave-safe. They are made from 100% recycled materials.

Moreover, they do not have a plastic coating or ink decorations that make paper plates melt while microwaving.

Can you microwave Dixie’s paper plate?

Dixie paper plates are microwave-safe. Some Dixie paper plates have a plastic wrap over them but these plastic wraps are also verified microwave-safe by the FDA.

Additionally, Dixie paper plates are made of five layers. This makes them stronger and sturdier. However, these paper plates are strictly meant for reheating food. Do not cook with Dixie paper plates in a microwave.

How long can you microwave paper plates?

It is not advisable to microwave food on a paper plate for more than five minutes.

However, your food should not take more than two minutes to heat on a paper plate. Most importantly, make sure you put your microwave in a 50% reheat setting first.

Following this limit helps to keep your plate intact while you take it out of the microwave. Most importantly, it keeps your food and health safe too.

How do you know your paper plate is microwave-safe?

The first way to identify a microwavable paper plate is to look under or on the packaging paper for a sign that labels it microwave-safe.

If you are not sure, you can carry out this quick experiment.

  • Fill a small bowl with water
  • Place the bowl of water and the paper plate in the microwave and close the door
  • Then, put the microwave on a high power setting and set the timer to one minute
  • When the time is up, turn off the microwave and gently bring out the paper plate and bowl of water
  • If the plate is too hot to the touch, it’s not microwave-safe. Do not use it to reheat your food


Why did your paper plate catch fire in the microwave?

Paper plates may catch fire in the microwave if:

  • You left the plate in for too long
  • You used a paper plate with plastic coating or ink decorations
  • Also, if you put the food in a brown paper bag, it can make the plate catch fire

Why are some plates not microwave-safe?

Some plates are not microwave-safe because they have materials that heat up after absorbing the microwaves. This can ruin the plate or cause skin burns when you touch the plate.

Also, these plates may contain toxic chemicals that alter food composition after heating up in the microwave. And this is not safe for your health.

Can you put hot food on a paper plate?

You can put hot food on a microwave-safe paper plate. But you should be sure it does not have a plastic coating that can affect the composition of your food.


When you talk about convenience in the kitchen and around the house, paper plates make the list of items. It’s no surprise to see families stock up on them.

They are not only disposable, but they are also microwaveable; so much convenience in one item.

While you enjoy this convenience, make sure you’re using a microwave-safe paper plate to avoid creating a mess or getting toxic chemicals in your food.

I hope this article answered most of your questions. I also thought if I could microwave Ziploc bags. After some research, I shared my findings in another article describing if you can microwave Ziploc bags.

Thanks for reading.