Can You Freeze Milk In The Carton To Keep It Fresh For Long?

You’ve seen gallon plastic gallon bottles of milk in the refrigerator and freezer at the store. Perhaps you have one in your refrigerator too. But have you ever wondered if you can freeze milk in its carton?

Well, I have. I tried it once, but it didn’t turn out too well. So, it is not advisable to freeze milk in its carton.

If you plan to store cartons of milk and you had your freezer in mind, make a U-turn first. I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t freeze milk in its carton.

Can you freeze milk in the carton?

You may freeze the milk carton, but it is not advisable.

When milk freezes, it expands. Frozen milk in a carton will expand, bulge and rupture eventually. Consequently, it makes a mess in the freezer and wastes the milk.

If you want to freeze milk, make milk ice cubes. You can easily pop as many cubes as you need at a time. Also, you can pour the milk into airtight plastic gallon bottles or bags and freeze it.

However, if you must freeze milk cartons, you can. To prevent the carton from rupturing, reduce the milk to allow space for expansion in the carton.

Can you freeze semi-skimmed milk in the carton?

You can freeze semi-skimmed milk, but it shouldn’t be in the carton.

Instead, pour the milk into plastic gallon bottles and freeze them.

Can you freeze skimmed milk cartons?

Don’t freeze skimmed milk in the cartons.

Otherwise, you could lose the milk after it expands and ruptures.

Can you freeze chocolate milk in the carton?

The best way to freeze chocolate milk is to pour it into plastic bottles.

Because, just like regular milk, chocolate milk will expand and may eventually rupture.

Can you freeze a carton of coconut milk?

You can, but you don’t have to.

Instead of freezing the milk cartons, make coconut milk ice cubes that you can pop into smoothies, tea, and coffee.

Can you freeze cartons of lactose-free milk?

It is not advisable to freeze lactose-free milk in the carton.

Instead, pour the milk into plastic gallon bottles or an airtight container.

Can you freeze an unopened carton of milk?

If you have not opened the carton of milk, store it in the pantry rather than in the freezer.

To freeze an unopened carton of milk, you’ll have to open it eventually to reduce the milk by a quarter and allow headspace for expansion.

How long should you freeze milk in the carton?

You can keep milk frozen for up to three months, but you should consume milk within one month of freezing.

Pros of freezing milk in the carton

  • With the option of freezing, you can store as many cartons as you like
  • Freezing milk is a good way to prevent spoilage and waste
  • If you freeze milk properly, it shouldn’t affect its taste
  • In addition, freezing milk in small ice cubes allows you to have frozen milk ready for smoothies

Cons of freezing milk in the carton

  • Frozen milk may lose its texture after thawing. The fat in the milk separates and leaves you with a grainy milk
  • If you freeze milk cartons for too long, you risk losing your milk after it expands in the carton and maybe ruptures
  • Also, if the milk turns sour, its acidity will increase in the freezer


Do cartons of milk go bad if unopened?

Unopened cartons of milk will only go bad if they are days past the printed date. Try to use up your milk before its expiration date.

Can frozen milk harm you?

If the frozen milk is not contaminated, it will not cause you any harm.

When storing milk in the freezer, keep it in airtight containers and far from odorous foods that can affect its smell too.

How long does frozen milk last after you have thawed it?

Once you have thawed frozen milk, consume it within one week.

Moreover, thawed milk may not taste very palatable when you drink it. The best way to use it is to make smoothies, waffles, french toast, pancakes, other baked goods, sides, and main dishes.

What is the best way to freeze milk?

The best way to freeze milk if you’re storing it for a long period is to pour it into plastic bottles or freezer bags.

If you’ll need the milk very often, make milk ice cubes instead.


You can freeze milk but you should not freeze milk cartons. Even though stores will never run out of milk, everyone keeps a bottle of milk somewhere in the house for breakfast cereals, coffee, tea, baking, and other meals.

Freezing milk will give you a long supply only if you do it properly. The best way to freeze milk is to make ice cubes or put the milk in airtight plastic bottles.

Preferably, don’t keep milk frozen for too long. Otherwise, you risk compromising the quality of the milk.

Thanks for reading.

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