Beet vs Radish: How Are They Different And Similar?

Beet and radish are two root vegetables that look alike and share lots of similarities. But, they are different. Because of their similarities, they are often mistaken for each other. In this article, you’ll see a detailed comparison of beet vs radish.

This comparison will help you know how to tell these vegetables apart, especially the red varieties. Read on.

What are beets?

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Beetroot is a true root vegetable known for its edible roots and leaves. The taproot is known as beetroot while the leaves are known as beet greens. Beets belong to the chenopod family, which also includes chard and spinach

What are radishes?

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Radishes are non-root vegetables with edible roots and leaves. But, they are smaller and are not as popular as beets.

Radishes belong to the brassicaceae family, which also includes broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and horseradish.

Beet vs radish – nutrition facts

Beet and radish provide amazing nutritional value. Beets have more calories, carbs, protein, and fat than radishes.

Beets also contain more sugar, vitamin A, fiber, folate, and iron than radishes. Both vegetables have high water content but beets contain 88 percent water while radishes have 95 percent water.

Beet vs radish – taste

Beets are loved for their rich earthy taste. On the other hand, radishes are spicy, and pungent and leave a sweet aftertaste. But, after cooking them, they lose that spiciness and taste somewhat bland; still enjoyable though.

Beet vs radish – how to use them

Although both vegetables look alike and can serve similar purposes, they have some unique purposes. Radishes are mostly eaten raw while beets are mostly eaten cooked.

Typically, radishes are not peeled before they are eaten. They only need to be scrubbed clean. In contrast, you must peel beets before you cook or eat them raw.


Can you use beets and radishes interchangeably?

Yes, you can. Although they are different, beets and radishes can be used in similar recipes. However, you should know that they won’t give your dish the same flavors.

Can you use beets and radishes in the same recipe?

Yes, you can. Many recipes incorporate both vegetables for the earthy flavor of beets and the mild peppery-sweetness of radishes.

Some recipes that use both vegetables include:

  • Chicken salad with lima beans, radish, beetroot, and spinach
  • Roasted beet and radish salad
  • Roasted beets and radishes
  • Beet and radish pickles
  • Avocado and roast golden beet salad
  • Duck breasts with roast beetroot, radish, and cocoa

Are beets better than radishes?

Beets are not better than radishes, nor the other way around. Both vegetables are unique and have different taste and flavor profiles. Your choice of vegetable solely depends on your choice.


Beets and radishes are two different types of root vegetables from different families. They also have different tastes and nutritional profiles which makes each unique.

Their differences can help inform your choice of vegetable but it doesn’t wholly suggest that one is better than the other But, you can have your personal preference.

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Thank you for reading.