Bagel Setting On Toaster: What Is It And What Does It Do?

You should read this article if you just bought a toaster with a bagel setting. Not every toaster has the bagel setting, but if you find one, you are lucky.

You can call it a multipurpose toaster. With these types of toasters, you can make regular toasts and bagels. More on that, toasters with the bagel setting will help you achieve a lot more during breakfast.

Some people have been using this setting without taking care to understand what it does. If you are one of such people, this article is also for you.

Let’s explore the bagel setting on your toaster and see the wonders it can do for you. In addition, you will get to know the difference between the toast and bagel settings.

What is the bagel setting on a toaster?

The bagel setting on a toaster is a button that activates the bagel mode for making thick items like bagels and English muffins.

How does the bagel setting on a toaster work?

The bagel setting works by doing these three things:

1. Increase toasting time

Bagel mode extends toasting time to allow bagels to toast. Bagels are thicker than slices of bread, and they take a bit longer to cook properly.

When you push the bagel button, the toaster automatically works to extend the toasting time you previously set. Moreover, the increased toasting time ensures you get tasty, toasty bagels.

2. Increase the temperature of the inner elements

The bagel mode increases the temperature of the inner coils. It makes them hot enough to toast the inner surface of the bagel, which is the part that should be toasted.

The coils are positioned to face the sliced part of the bagel and make it crisp and brown.

3. Decrease the temperature of the outer elements

The bagel mode increases the temperature of the inner coils and decreases the temperature of the outer coils. The bagel setting makes the outer coils slightly warm. In some toasters, the bagel setting turns off the outer coils completely.

This setting allows you to toast the inside of your bagels crisp brown without toasting the outside. Moreover, it keeps the outer part of the bagels from getting burned, especially if you have seeds on them.

In addition, this setting makes toasted bagels easy to handle because the outer part is not so hot.

You can safely pull the bagels out of the toaster without fear of scorching your palm. With the bagel setting on your toaster, a crunchy, toasty bagel is certain.

Is the toast setting the same as the bagel setting?

No, it is not.

The toast setting on your toaster heats the bread on both sides. It doesn’t increase the temperature on one side and decrease the temperature on the other side as the bagel setting does.

The bagel setting heats the bread on one side, making it brown and crispy while the outer part is soft and warm.

How to toast a bagel in a toaster

  • Get your bagels ready. If they are frozen, allow them to thaw overnight in a refrigerator
  • When you’re ready to toast the bagels, take them out of the refrigerator and sprinkle some sesame seeds on the outer part of the bun, if you like
  • On the top of a toaster with a bagel setting are symbols that show how to insert the bagels into the slots. Pay attention to those symbols
  • Usually, the flat side (the inside) should face the inner coils, which are hotter than the outer coils
  • Insert the bagels and push the bagel button. Also, choose the level of toasting you want
  • Then, wait for the bagels to toast


Should you toast bagels?

You can toast bagels only if they are not fresh.

Bagels that have been made hours before should be toasted to keep them fresh and soft.

Why is the bagel setting on your toaster not working?

If the bagel setting on your toaster is not working, it could be because of any of these reasons:

  • Your toaster is not properly connected to the power source
  • There is a nichrome wire break
  • It could also be because the browning dial is on a low setting. As a result, it cannot activate the heating coil
  • Maybe there are stuck crumbs in the toaster
  • In addition, there could be a poor contact connection around the toasting lever
  • If the bagel setting on your toaster is not working, take it to an expert in fixing appliances

Does every toaster have a bagel setting?

No, they don’t.

All toasters are not the same. Not all toasters have the bagel setting. The brand and model of a toaster determine whether it has the bagel setting or not.


As you know, all toasters are not the same. And this also applies to toasters with the bagel setting.

Generally, this setting allows you to make bagels and English muffins with a toaster. In addition, the bagel setting increases toasting time, making it perfect for thick items.

If you don’t have a bagel maker, but your toaster has the bagel setting, you can enjoy fresh bagels anytime, any day.

Thanks for reading.

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