Are Fritos Chips Bad For You? Find Out Here

Fritos is made of highly processed corn and it has little or no nutritional value. It is a sodium bomb coated with cheese and is very unhealthy for you.

Typically, chips are empty-calorie snacks that have the potential to make you feel sluggish after eating only one serving of any of your favorite crispy snacks. This is not far from what happens with these corn chips.

So, If you’re thinking of picking another bag of crunchy Fritos for your tea-time snacks, you may have to reconsider. In this article, I will state concrete reasons why it is bad for you.

What is Fritos?

Fritos are corn chips prepared from a deep-fried extrusion of whole cornmeal. They come in long, skinny, wavy strip forms. The chips are usually golden-orange and have a texture like tortilla chips even though are unique in their way.

Asides from its original flavor, Fritos comes in a variety of other flavors such as Flamin Hot, Scoop, and Chili Cheese flavors.

This brand of corn chips was invented in the 1930s by Elmer Doolin and has been produced by Frito-Lay since 1959.

Is Fritos bad for you?

Yes, it is.

Although it is a tasty snack, the corn used to produce it is highly refined by frying and capping it with sodium. This process causes it to lose its nutritional value.

These corn chips have roughly 489 calories per 100-gram serving. Although the calorie content may be lower in some varieties of these corn chips. However, it doesn’t make any of them healthy.

Side effects of eating Fritos

High blood pressure

This corn snack is high in salt and inherently sodium. Moreso, you consume sodium from other foods too.

Eating more than a few pieces or a bag (for some people) can significantly raise sodium levels and blood pressure.

Upper gastrointestinal problems

The human digestive system cannot digest cellulose into lesser pieces. That is to say, when you consume this snack, corn passes through your stomach undigested.

That can result in stomach pains and cramps. Also, excess oil is a catalyst for gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn.

High blood sugar

Consuming this snack can spike blood sugar levels. That means that it is unhealthy for diabetic or pre-diabetic patients.

In addition, corn oil can provoke inflammation in the body. Not just that, it can also lead to slower wound healing in diabetic patients.

High cholesterol

These corn chips are fried with oil. This makes the cholesterol in them high. In the long run, high cholesterol can lead to heart problems and other related problems.


The high fiber in Fritos is not broken down to glucose. Instead, it goes through your body undigested. Therefore, it can make you diarrheic.

Are Fritos bad for your heart?

Yes, they are. Potato and corn chips are very high in trans fats, sodium, and carbs. Too much of which can cause harm to your health, especially your heart.

Are Fritos bad for your teeth?

Eating these corn chips frequently can cause plaque buildup on your teeth. Besides, it contains high amounts of oils and ingredients that stick to your teeth, especially along the gums as you bite and chew.

Is Fritos healthier than potato chips?

Both chips are high in salt, high carbs, and bad fats. Some people consider these corn chips probably worse than potato chips, even though both are junk foods that you should avoid.

For others, the former is healthier than the latter because it is 60 calories less.

A 100g serving of potato chips has at least 540 calories. Meanwhile, the calories in these corn chips are 480.


Do Fritos chips have monosodium glutamate?

Yes, some flavors contain MSG. The intake of this compound can have unfavorable effects on your health. These negative effects include headache, obesity, weakness, fast heart rate, chest pain, perspiration, metabolic syndrome, etc.

However, Fritos Lightly Salted Corn Chips and Fritos Scoops Corn Chips do not contain monosodium glutamate.

Are Fritos chips vegan?

Yes, some flavors are vegan. Such flavors include Fritos Original Corn Chips, Fritos Scoops Corn Chips, and Fritos BBQ Flavor Corn Chips. Other varieties of these corn chips are not vegan.

Do Fritos chips have gluten?

No, they don’t. These corn chips are made with corn. And corn is gluten-free.

Significantly, the flavors marketed as gluten-free include Fritos Lightly Salted Corn Chips, Fritos Original Corn Chips, Fritos Reduced Fat Original Corn Chips, and Fritos Scoops Corn Chips.

Are Fritos bad for your dog?

Yes, they are. Generally, dogs do not digest maize and starch so well. In addition, too much salt in your dog’s diet can cause health problems like vomiting and diarrhea.

Also, your dog can get addicted too, and that can cause obesity and sluggishness.


In simple words, Fritos corn chips are unhealthy. But they can be very indulging. Although it is not advisable to snack on them; if you must, do so in moderation. Also, eat them every other day to stay healthy.

For better options, go for snacks like unsalted nuts and dried fruits. Also, you may find other healthy brands of processed corn chips. Read the labels to be sure of the nutritional information.

Thank you for reading.

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